Juan Pierre Wants A Starting Job

Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times and Ken Gurnick of MLB.com spoke to Dodgers outfielder Juan Pierre, who is penciled in as the team’s starting left fielder currently.  The problem for Pierre is that a Manny Ramirez signing would bump him back into the fourth outfielder job.

Pierre is owed $28.5MM over the next three seasons, so a trade seems nearly impossible.  Pierre doesn’t agree though:

"When they want to get rid of guys, they get rid of guys.  I’m not saying to go the whole Andruw route, but I wouldn’t say untradeable."

At the end of the season Pierre’s agent suggested a trade might be optimal, and Pierre agreed:

It’s a tough spot for both sides. I think [a trade] would have helped both sides. It would have made sense. But I know the market changed last year. Other teams might not want me. Just be straight with me and I’m cool.

Pierre is done keeping his mouth shut:

"For the betterment of the team last year, I kept my mouth shut and let them play.  That said, this year, I don’t want that role again."

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