Boras Offseason Tally: $341 Million

By my count, the Scott Boras Corporation brokered eleven Major League deals for free agent clients this offseason.  The total in guaranteed money: $341,100,000 (5% of that would be over $17MM).  Here's the rundown:

  • Mark Teixeira, Yankees: $180MM.
  • Derek Lowe, Braves: $60MM.
  • Manny Ramirez, Dodgers: $45MM.
  • Oliver Perez, Mets: $36MM.
  • Jason Varitek, Red Sox: $5MM.
  • Felipe Lopez, Diamondbacks: $3.5MM.
  • Willie Bloomquist, Royals: $3.1MM.
  • Garret Anderson, Braves: $2.5MM.
  • Joe Crede, Twins: $2.5MM.
  • Alex Cora, Mets: $2MM.
  • Ivan Rodriguez, Astros: $1.5MM.

Note that I left Kyle Lohse's $41MM extension off the list because it was signed on September 29th.

Nine Boras clients signed minor league deals: Chris Bootcheck, Andruw Jones, Rodrigo Lopez, David Newhan, Guillermo Quiroz, Julian Tavarez, Ron Villone, Jeff Weaver, and Brad WilkersonEric Gagne signed one with the Brewers but was released.  Byung-Hyun Kim remains unsigned.

Boras brokered extensions totaling $30MM for arbitration-eligible players Prince Fielder and Ryan Madson.  He also reached agreements totaling over $15MM for his other arb-eligible clients: Xavier Nady, Rick Ankiel, Gerald Laird, Edwin Jackson, and Bobby Seay.

Five Boras clients were traded this offseason: Laird, Jackson, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holliday, and Scott Schoeneweis.

This info is accurate to the best of my knowledge but please let me know if you have any corrections.

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