Manny Ramirez Rumors: Monday’s Jon Heyman has a new column up, primarily focusing on Manny Ramirez.  To review – though the Dodgers and Manny/Scott Boras were just $1.5MM or so apart, owner Frank McCourt ignored Boras’ most recent proposals and talked about starting from scratch.  Heyman’s source believes McCourt may choose to "stop negotiating for now, or more drastically, begin negotiating backward."  Another source of Heyman’s, one close to Manny, believes lowering their offer would be a dangerous move for the Dodgers.

Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times talked to McCourt, who "said the latest phase of negotiations ended the moment agent Boras made him a counterproposal instead of simply accepting or declining an offer the Dodgers made Wednesday of a two-year, $45MM contract with much of the money deferred without any added interest."

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