Manny, Dodgers Not Far Apart

7:01pm: Just a reminder: These current proposals still contain the original second year opt-out clause.  Check out MLBTR’s Manny Ramirez archive if you need a refresher on the entire saga.

6:27pm:’s Jon Heyman notes that "the sides are now about $1.5 million apart in their offers."

6:19pm: According to Diamond Leung of the The Press-Enterprise, Manny directed Boras to make the Dodgers a third two-year contract proposal on Saturday "with some deferred compensation."

"Our most recent offer Saturday morning covered two years with some deferred compensation ($43.5 millon net present value)," Boras wrote in an e-mail to reporters.  "Manny directed me to compromise between the Dodgers last offer of $42 million net present value ($45 million with differed compensation) and our $45 million dollar without differed money. However, we have yet to hear from them on our last three offers."

3:16pm: According to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will not consider Boras’s counter-offer of two years and $45MM in non-deferred payments with an opt-out clause. The Dodgers have pulled their most recent offer according to the AP (via ESPN), so the two sides are back where they started.

Hernandez has a source who says Boras values $45MM in deferred payments at about $42MM in present value. Negotiations are set to resume Monday at the earliest.

12:57pm: Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports thinks the Dodgers may have made their best offer to Manny.

12:53pm: According to Tony Jackson of the Daily News, the Dodgers might suspect Scott Boras of failing to report every offer to his client, Manny Ramirez.

12:30pm: Barry M. Bloom of has a Sunday report on the progress of negotiations between the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt says, "No new news." The Dodgers are not giving consideration to the most recent proposal offered by Scott Boras, and are in a bit of a lull at this point.

Says McCourt, "At some point, and you’ll all know when, we will resume discussions, because we do want Manny. We do want Manny to be a Dodger this year."

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