Milton Bradley Comments

Milton Bradley‘s comments to Gil Lebreton of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram are causing a mini-stir.  He spoke about how the Rangers wouldn’t commit to him:

"My agent was saying that Jon Daniels was telling him, ‘There are days when he doesn’t want to play because of his health.’  Well, you can get a healthy guy to go out there and play 162 games, but he won’t do what I did in 120."

As Lebreton said, the comment was "crudely self-serving" but "mostly right" given his production last year.  Worse, though, Bradley seemed to admit to prioritizing his stats:

"If I’m being paid, and I’ve got the commitment to me that I give to them, you make more of an effort to be out there every day.  When you’re on one-year deals constantly, you’ve got to put up as good numbers as you can. When you have days where you’re not feeling like you can contribute, you’re not going to go out there, because you’re not going to want your numbers to suck.  So, if you’re in a situation like I am now, if they want me to go out there when I’m feeling a little banged up, I’ve got no problem doing that because they’ve made the commitment to me."

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