Reds Assistant GM On Trades, Minors, Draft

Bob Miller, the Assistant GM for the Reds, chatted with fans this afternoon on Here are some of the highlights:

  • This year the Reds would consider dealing for a right-handed power bat, but they'll "play it by ear and see if the deal will help" the team. 
  • Of the trades he's been a part of, Miller's proudest of dealing Karim Garcia for Luis Gonzalez with the D'Backs. 
  • He metioned the Brandon Phillips and Bronson Arroyo deals as the best ones the Reds have made recently.
  • The deal Miller's least proud of? Trading six players for Richie Sexson.
  • Miller believes the Reds have a strong minor league system because of its depth. He specifically mentioned Yonder Alonso, who's hitting well lately.
  • Miller compared the draft to "the biggest board game you can possibly imagine" in terms of the strategy it demands. 

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