Your Perception Of Boras

Joe Posnanski has an interesting blog post today about how difficult it is to shake off our early biases.  He uses Scott Boras as an example, specifically Selena Roberts' account of the Alex Rodriguez-Mariners negotiations of 1993.  Roberts' book frames these negotiations in typical anti-Boras fashion, despite signs that the Mariners may have been trying to take advantage of Rodriguez and his mother.

Posnanski's post reminds me of last year's Pedro Alvarez grievance.  Initially most of us viewed the grievance as standard Boras greed, an attempt to gain free agency for Alvarez or at least a bigger contract.  But in his September 16th article, Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus suggested MLB's deadline extension gave leverage to the Pirates while also taking away Alvarez's right of representation.  Viewed in that light, Boras had an obligation to object.

Today's question: how do you perceive Scott Boras?  Is he ruining the game, just doing his job, or something in-between?

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