Olney On Mets, Holliday, Snell

ESPN.com's Buster Olney says the Mets have begun discussing which hitters they want to target. Here's what Olney has heard about the Mets, along with the rest of his rumors:

  • It's fair to assume the Mets would like to acquire a "big-time bat."
  • Omar Minaya could pursue Nick Johnson. He already traded for him once as the GM of the Expos.
  • Other players that could play first and hit: Aubrey Huff, Jorge Cantu, Mark DeRosa and Dan Uggla.
  • Uggla's an outside-the-box solution, but the Mets could use his power.  
  • Don't assume the A's will be able to collect compensation picks for offering arbitration to Matt Holliday if they don't trade him at the deadline. Holliday's numbers have fallen off, making him more likely to accept arbitration if the A's offer it. He could make upwards of $16MM, meaning the surest way for the A's to get something back would be to deal him now.
  • Olney says the Rockies don't have interest in Ian Snell. Yesterday John Perrotto suggested they could trade for him.
  • Colorado will likely wait another month before deciding whether to deal Huston Street 
  • The Mariners don't have to rush their deal-making either, especially since their division looks winnable.  

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