Talkin’ Reds Baseball

Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer believes the Reds need to make a "bold" move to stay in contention, but doesn't think it will necessarily happen.

"The Reds chances of trading for Matt Holliday are slim and none," Daugherty begins, "and slim just left for the church festival. … Holliday would cost the Reds precious prospects and some $7 million in salary for the rest of the year.  The chances of him remaining a Red next year wouldn't be good. … There aren't a lot of reasons even to contemplate it."

Except one: "It's a bold move.  Without boldness, the Reds will never catch the Cubs, Cards and Brewers."

Walt Jocketty, the current GM in Cincinnati, has made bold moves throughout his front-office career (click here for his full trading history), but he's used to a bigger payroll than the Reds can offer.  Even if they are "buyers" in this market, Holliday is probably a bit of a stretch. That doesn't mean it's time to give up on the '09 season, however.  There are plenty of fish in the hot stove sea.  It's clear the Reds want a bat — who, besides Holliday, makes sense?

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