White Sox Standing Pat (For Now)

As reported by Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen insisted Tuesday evening that his club is not involved in any sort of trades at the moment. The reason?  It's simple.  "It's because we're playing good,'' Guillen said.

"When you're playing good it's kind of hard [to think trade]," the manager continued. "You ask me this thing two or three weeks ago, I would have wanted 20 guys out of the ballclub. Listen, if we have to make a move, it will be a move that had to be made. The chairman said yes to Peavy, which had a lot of money involved, then I have no doubt they will say yes to whatever Kenny presents. If there's something out there that will help this ballclub Kenny will do it, because the chairman already said yes with a lot of money involved.''

The White Sox have been linked to several high-talent players in the past few weeks, but all is quiet on the South Side tonight.

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