A Look At The Mets’ Trade Chips

We know the Mets have holes in the rotation, infield and outfield since many of their stars are on the DL. So what kind of resources do they have in the minor leagues? Yahoo's Gordon Edes takes a closer look at the Mets' minor league system to see which players might be appealing trade chips:

  • The bottom line: the Mets don't have much to deal
  • Washington asked about Bobby Parnell in a deal for Nick Johnson, but the Mets are reluctant to deal their young reliever. 
  • One scout said Jonathon Niese and Eddie Kunz are the most interesting pieces in Triple A Buffalo, but even they need seasoning.  
  • Fernando Martinez is a top prospect, but they want to hold onto him.  
  • Deals for J.J. Putz and Johan Santana weakened the Mets' system, but they have a few promising players, like shortstop Wilmer Flores, in the lower minors. 

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