Matt Holliday’s Rising Value

Matt Holliday was hot before he joined the Cardinals. Now he's 20 for his first 37 with the Cards and his season numbers have rounded into form. With a .311/.400/.501 line and above-average defense in left field, Holliday has reinserted himself atop this offseason's free agent class. One GM believes Holliday could boost his value even more with a strong finish:

"He might make himself $30MM these next two months," the GM told Yahoo's Jeff Passan.

With Scott Boras on his side, Holliday could receive the biggest payday of all this offseason, especially now that Jason Bay is slumping. Passan estimates Holliday will receive at least five years and $75MM. Mark Teixeira was the only free agent position player to receive that much last offseason, so a $75MM deal would be impressive, especially after Holliday's slow start. Still, the 29-year-old's value is considerably closer to that mark than it was when he stepped up to the plate hitting .223/.270/.351 on May 5th.

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