The Biggest Deals Of The Offseason

There’s been lots of talk about the tough market for free agents this offseason, but some players managed to sign big contracts regardless. Here’s a list of the offseason’s 20 biggest free agent deals (in order of total value):

  • $180MM (8 years):Mark Teixeira signed the biggest deal of the offseason with the Yankees.
  • $161MM (7 years): C.C. Sabathia signed with the Yanks too, passing on a 5 year $100MM offer from the Brewers. He can opt out after three years, at which point he’ll have $92MM remaining if he chooses to take it.
  • $82.5MM (5 years): A.J. Burnett signed with the Yankees after opting out of his deal with the Jays.
  • $60MM (4 years): Derek Lowe signed with the Braves after negotiations with the Mets.
  • $52MM (4 years): Ryan Dempster signed with the Cubs way back in November.
  • $45MM (2 years): Manny Ramirez signed with the Dodgers just this afternoon.
  • $37MM (3 years): Francisco Rodriguez signed with the Mets, who added J.J. Putz the next day.
  • $36MM (3 years): Oliver Perez chose this deal over a longer term option that averaged a lower salary.
  • $31.5MM (3 years): Raul Ibanez signed early on with the Phillies, a move he’s surely happy with.
  • $30MM (3 years):Rafael Furcal signed with the Dodgers, but not before infuriating the Braves.
  • $30MM (3 years): Milton Bradley signed with the Cubs for up to three years, but some language in the contract protects the Cubs in case Bradley misses considerable time with injuries.
  • $23MM (3 years): Kenshin Kawakami signed with the Braves.
  • $20.5MM (2 years): Kerry Wood signed with the Indians for two years with a vesting option for a third year.
  • $20MM (2 years): Adam Dunn signed with the Nats after some suggested he might only make $5MM.
  • 18.5MM (2 years): Edgar Renteria signed a deal that’s been criticized by many, but the Giants can buy him out for $500K after this season if they choose not to pick up his $9.5MM option.
  • 17.5MM (2 years): Brian Fuentes signed for at least two years with the Angels.
  • 17.5MM (3 years): Casey Blake signed a deal that could keep him in LA for four years.
  • $16MM (2 years): Jamie Moyer re-signed with the Phillies for a lot, especially considering he’ll turn 48 just weeks after the deal’s up.
  • $16MM (2 years): Pat Burrell signed with the Rays for the essentially the same amount as his former teammate. The difference? Moyer’s 14 years his senior.
  • 12.75MM (3 years): Juan Rivera re-signed with the Angels.

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