Cafardo On Boston’s Catchers

Ever since the Red Sox acquired Victor Martinez, we've assumed that they'll pick up his $7MM option for next season. Other than that, the team's plans at catcher are unclear, so Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe breaks down their options going forward. Here's the latest:

  • Red Sox scouts have been scouring the league for catchers in case the team decides not to bring Jason Varitek back next year. The club can exercise his 2010 option for $5MM, but even if they choose not to, Varitek can trigger a player option that pays him $3MM, plus incentives.
  • The Red Sox may consider extending Martinez. He's hitting well and fitting in with Boston's staff, so they could consider making him their long-term backstop.
  • Like Joe Mauer and A.J. Pierzynski, Martinez should hit free agency after the 2010 season.
  • Mauer could likely command $20MM on the open market. How much could V-Mart make?

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