Mariners Rumors: Matsui, Lackey, Harden

In his latest article, Larry Stone of the Seattle Times examines some names that have been linked to the Mariners, and speculates on how likely each player is to end up in Seattle. Let's take a look at some of his thoughts….

  • If Hideki Matsui were to leave New York, Stone doesn't expect the designated hitter to sign with the Mariners. Seattle would prefer a DH that could play the field occasionally, which Matsui probably can't do.
  • How aggressively the Mariners pursue John Lackey will depend on the market. If Lackey could be had at a reasonable price, Stone anticipates the team making "a big push."
  • Rich Harden heading back west to the AL West "has legs," according to Stone. He views Harden as a worthwhile gamble this winter, and one the Mariners could look into.
  • If the team's pursuit of Lackey, Harden, or other higher-profile pitching targets fell through, Doug Davis could be a cheaper option.
  • Among the free agents Stone doesn't see the Mariners being major players for: Jason Bay, Orlando Hudson, and Jarrod Washburn.
  • Stone also doesn't buy into the Lyle Overbay rumors.

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