Discussion: Winter Meetings

The 2009 edition of baseball's Winter Meetings officially start tomorrow in Indianapolis, however after attending last year's meetings in Las Vegas, I can assure you reporters are already staking out in the hallways trying to get their hands on any scoop possible.

As fans, the Winter Meetings are the zenith of the Hot Stove League, when most major trades and free agent signings will be made, or at the very least put into motion. As Peter Abraham reminds us, actual business gets addressed at the meetings as well. We really don't care about that stuff though, that's for someone else to worry about.

What do you folks want to see happen at the Winter Meetings this week? Are you hoping to see a big Roy Halladay deal? Matt Holliday or Jason Bay or John Lackey choose a new team? Maybe a smaller deal to help your favorite team shore up a weakness? Let us know in the comments.

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