Mets Notes: Holliday, Rotation

For weeks now, we've heard the rumors connecting the Mets and Jason Bay, leaving many to wonder why the Mets seem reluctant to make a more concerted effort to pursue Matt Holliday as well. Howard Goldin reports that general manager Omar Minaya answered that question himself when he was the guest speaker at the "21 Days of Clemente" benefit in New York:

"We are pursuing Matt Holliday. It seems to be easier to make a deal for Jason Bay."

That Bay seems an easier target is no surprise. Holliday is regarded by many as the top free agent on the market, and it should almost go without saying that Bay is easier to negotiate with simply because he is not represented by Scott Boras. Bay and his agent, Joe Urbon, would like the Mets to offer five years, while Minaya seems content with four. If talks of interest in Holliday continue, it would likely place some pressure on Bay, as he's not exactly being bombarded with other offers at the moment.

Minaya also comments on the club's 2010 rotation, stating that it will consist of Johan Santana, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, Oliver Perez, and Jonathon Niese, though a free agent addition is a possibility. Joel Pineiro currently sits atop the Mets' wishlist of starters, though an upside signing like Ben Sheets or Erik Bedard would make more sense if you ask me.

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