AL East Moves

Let's take a look at the moves made by AL East teams so far this offseason.


  • Acquired/Re-signed: Chad Moeller, Michel Hernandez, Armando Gabino, Craig Tatum, Kevin Millwood, Mike Gonzalez, Garrett Atkins, Chris Lamb, Frank Mata, Alfredo Simon, Mike Hinckley, Ross Wolf, Chris George, Scott Moore, Josh Perrault
  • Lost: Sean Henn, Jeff Fiorentino, Danys Baez, Radhames Liz, Chris Ray, Steven Johnson, Bob McCrory, Chris Waters 

Red Sox

  • Acquired/Re-signed: Tim Wakefield, Jeremy Hermida, Robert Manuel, Tug Hulett, Marco Scutaro, Scott Atchison, Fabio Castro, Ramon A. Ramirez, Boof Bonser, John Lackey, Mike Cameron, Stephen Fox, Nate Spears, Fernando Cabrera, Bob McCrory, Edwin Moreno, Angel Sanchez, Darnell McDonald, Michael Lennox, Wang-Yi Lin, Juan Bonifacio, Roberto Feliz, Gil Velazquez, Jose Iglesias, Jason Varitek, Victor Martinez 
  • Lost: Chris Carter, Takashi Saito, George Kottaras, Billy Wagner, Jason Bay, Hunter Jones, Jose Alvarez, Joey Gathright, Alex Gonzalez, Brian Anderson, Chris Province, Jorge Jimenez, Armando Zerpa, Jeff Bailey, Javier Lopez


  • Acquired/Re-signed: Andy Pettitte, Jamie Hoffmann, Curtis Granderson, Mike Rivera, Boone Logan, Javier Vazquez, Nick Johnson, Javier Herrera, Jon Weber, Trent Lockwood
  • Lost: Josh Towers, Hideki Matsui, Brian Bruney, Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, Arodys Vizcaino, Melky Cabrera, Michael Dunn, Kanekoa Texeira, Cody Ransom 


  • Acquired/Re-signed: Kelly Shoppach, Rafael Soriano, Richard De Los Santos, Jason Cromer, Jeff Bennett, Joe Bateman, Winston Abreu, Carlos Hernandez, Chris Richard, R.J. Swindle, Ryan Shealy, Joe Dillon, Jairo De La Rosa, Gabe Kapler 
  • Lost: Mitch Talbot, Akinori Iwamura, Gregg Zaun, Jesse Chavez, Michel Hernandez 

Blue Jays

  • Acquired/Re-signed: Sean Henn, Jarrett Hoffpauir, John McDonald, Mike McCoy, Alex Gonzalez, Zech Zinicola, Raul Chavez, John Buck, Joey Gathright, Lance Broadway, Kyle Drabek, Brett Wallace, Travis D'Arnaud, Brandon Morrow
  • Lost: Marco Scutaro, Joe Inglett, Roy Halladay, Michael Taylor, Johermyn Chavez, Brandon League, Wilfredo Ledezma, Bill Murphy

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  1. SoxDan 6 years ago

    Forgot Damon in the Yank’s “Lost” column.. unless you’re foreshadowing a signing.

    • Dave4G4e 6 years ago

      I think this is just players who are definitely gone (traded to or signed by other teams).

    • Dave4G4e 6 years ago

      I think this is just players who are definitely gone (traded to or signed by other teams).

  2. Red Sox seem to be missing something. hmmm I know..a GOOD bat!

  3. TheGodfather 6 years ago

    yanks need to acquire one more outfielder/LF.

  4. TheGodfather 6 years ago

    yanks need to acquire one more outfielder/LF.

  5. When you look at the return the Blue Jays got for RH it’s pretty impressive to me

  6. anthonylifrieri 6 years ago

    I think the Yankees are undoubtedly the winners here. They got a good overall centerfielder that’s a great clubhouse guy, a healthy renaissanceical Nick Johnson and a pitcher they never should have traded that will eat innings up like the cookie monster eats cookies. The Yankees got all this for a glorified 4th outfielder, an above average lefty reliever and Austin Jackson, probably the best player we’ve given up. And I still think we resign Damon.

  7. lefty177 6 years ago

    i hate bringing up randomness but since the Red Sox are still looking to add depth to the bullpen, why don’t they go after…David Weathers? I think he’s underrated! 1 year deal to him sound ok?

  8. bigpat 6 years ago

    I really like these write-ups, and I was wondering if there was a way you can link them all together for quick reference?

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