Arbitration Information

Here’s a page to bookmark – Maury Brown’s chart of 2010 arbitration filings over at The Biz of Baseball.  The biggest gaps: Tim Lincecum at $5MM, Joe Blanton at $2.75MM, Justin Verlander at $2.6MM, and Wandy Rodriguez at $2MM.  Obviously there is some disagreement on the appropriate salary for a top-tier starter.

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  1. peterherman 6 years ago

    Maury has Ramon Ramirez as undecided, but Amalie Benjamin has tweeted that he’s been settled. Cot’s has him at $1.155MM for next year, too.

  2. mickden56 6 years ago

    Since when is Joe Blanton a top-tier starter?

    • Andy Pettitte is starting to look like a better comp. A $5.825 mil raise, though…it still seems really aggressive for Verlander. But it’s the right move it means they settle near the midpoint because the Tigers don’t want a hearing.

  3. 2010Bball 6 years ago

    i’d take that rotation.

  4. coachofall 6 years ago

    if Pavano and Penny can score what they did on one year deals…Blanton is right to seek what he is on a one year deal

  5. pattyhaybe 6 years ago

    yeah Fat Joe is asking way too much. Funny thing is Cliff Lee’s $9 Million was too much for the Phils.

  6. If I was the Tigers I’d take this one to hearing. They can prove he should get less than 8.2, with Felix getting 6.5 being a huge point. Even with the discount that comes with multiyear deals, Felix is prob the best comp.

  7. Turns out Felix can’t be used as a comp, at all, because of the long-term deal. Then you are left with guys like Blanton, Beckett I guess.

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