Dodgers Close To Two-Year Deal With Kemp

4:09pm: Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times has more comments from Stewart, who expects Kemp to be signed by the Tuesday salary figure exchange date.  Meanwhile, Dodgers president Dennis Mannion told Hernandez Ned Colletti is not being limited to two years for Kemp.

11:43am: Back on December 31st, we learned from's Ken Gurnick that the Dodgers opened multiyear contract discussions with center fielder Matt Kemp.  Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart, said that if he and the Dodgers couldn't find common ground he was comfortable going year to year.

Interviewed on XM MLB Home Plate radio last night, Stewart told host Jim Bowden that he and the Dodgers are close to a two-year deal for Kemp (via Bowden's Twitter account).  Stewart indicated he believes the Dodgers' ownership situation limited the number of years they could offer.'s Ken Gurnick has direct quotes from Stewart.

Nick Markakis and Carlos Beltran are two decent comparables for Kemp, in terms of where their simple career numbers were after three years service time.  On a six-year deal, Markakis will be paid $9.75MM for his first two arbitration years.  Beltran went year to year in 2002-03 and made $9.5MM.  I would guess Kemp would be in the $10MM range for 2010-11.

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