Mariners Claim Tommy Everidge From A’s

The Mariners have claimed Tommy Everidge off waivers from the A's, tweets Mychael Urban of CSNBayArea. The A's designated the 26-year-old for assignment last week to make room for Jack Cust. Everidge had a .667 OPS in 97 major league plate appearances last year, but posted a .958 OPS in the upper minors. Everidge has played some third base, but has spent most of his time at first.

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  1. Ichiroll 5 years ago

    Nice pickup.

  2. cookmeister 5 years ago

    yeah i kind of liked this guy towards the end of last year, seemed to be playing well. i would rather have him than jack cust

    • i want to flag this for how stupid it is saying youd rather have everidge than cust. absolute insanity.

      • cubbyfan23 5 years ago

        Uh, no it isn’t. Everidge is younger, more athletic (not saying much, of course) and on the upswing of his career. Considering Cust is an aging DH with skills that fall apart quickly, its hardly a stretch to say that Everidge could be more valuable to an organization.

        • “Everidge is younger”,

          He’s 27 this season. Cust is 31. Dont act like that’s some huge gap.

          “more athletic (not saying much, of course)”

          Straight up lies, Everidge 6’0″ and is upwards of 250 lbs and cannot run, at all. Cust can actually run. Not well, but saying Tommy is more athletic than Jack is a bald-faced lie from someone who has clearly never watched him play nor seen him in person.

          “and on the upswing of his career.”

          You are talking about a guy who didnt make it to AAA until he was 26. Seriously, get real here man.

          “Considering Cust is an aging DH with skills that fall apart quickly, its hardly a stretch to say that Everidge could be more valuable to an organization.”

          I would agree with this if Cust was 36. He’s not, he’s 31. Im curious to know exactly what skills fall apart quickly, this isnt Jason Bay here, its a pro hitter who is going to OBP .400 in his sleep as long as he isnt asked to play the OF or try and hit singles (what was instructed of him in the first half of 09).

          You know what, Everidge is still AAAA. Your arguments are ridiculously out of touch and look just plain made up after you looked very quickly at his baseball-reference minor league page. Come more correct in future before spouting off lies.

          • tjspring 5 years ago

            I agree with you on most of this, it’s silly to say Everidge is a better option than Cust…but OBP .400 in his sleep? That’s a bit of a stretch.

      • cookmeister 5 years ago

        do it. everybody has opinions, pull your head out.

  3. AAAA player. No future in the bigs. SIGNIFICANTLY worse at baseball than Jack Cust. CHONE predicts him at -0.9 Wins Above Replacement (Cust is at 2.4 FYI, but STRICKSOUTSOMUCH!!! ugh, these idiots kill me).

    • cookmeister 5 years ago

      if this guy got like 200 or 300 at bats and struggled, then you could say he might be a AAAA player. But he did really well for how many at bats he had. not saying he is a future all star, but he showed signs of a pretty good hitter, makes far less than Cust, and strikes out far less (but who doesn’t). and Cust can’t play the field at all, not saying the other guy has a GG, but i mean you can’t get much worse

      • Everidge is as good as Cust is in the field. Both are DH’s but one can hit big league pitching and the other cant.

        Striking out isnt a big deal man, it means he’s cutting into pitch counts and swinging hard to try and hit a HR. Id rather have 200 Ks with 5 GIDPs than 40 Ks with 50 GIDPs. Swinging at everything HURTS teams sometimes, just look at Orlando Cabrera, he’s one of the worst hitters in the game because he swings at everything within the first 2 pitches thrown to him. Id take a 12 pitch Cust K over a 1 pitch O-Cab ground out every single time because every pitcher is on a count now, and eating away at that count to get to the bullpen is an important skill to have.

        Who cares anyway, if he gets on base 40% of the time instead of 30%, why does it matter what kinds of outs he makes?

      • Sorry to rain on your parade but he did do well the first week but once the scouts found a big hole in his swing he was over powered. Everidge will need to adjust his bat to the majors or it will be AAA rest of his life.

  4. joethewest 5 years ago

    Looks like Zduriencik is putting the 1B job up for grabs this Spring Training, again. Last year’s 1B lottery winner was Russel Branyan. This year could be


    All are young, and have lots of upside. This is a great move by Jack Z. Maybe all that one of them needs is a chance, and he’s laying it out on the table for them. Which one will be the Gem?

  5. I actually worked out with this guy at Sonoma State. Quality guy, the Mariners are lucky to have someone of his caliber. Hopefully he continues to grow into a solid Major leaguer.

    • knowidyuh 5 years ago

      Mariners are lucky to have a guy they claimed off waivers?

    • GScott1 5 years ago

      It amazes me how often fans look at the bottom line statistics on every move. There is more to building a TEAM than just having the most talent. It’s why the Yankees spent a billion-and-a-half dollars between championships, and it’s why the Dodgers of 2005(ish) were good on paper but sucked royally with the likes of Kent, Drew, Sheffield, Bradley, LoDuca, et al.

      The difference between having a top bench and a mediocre bench will not make or break a season. Therefore, having quality guys like Pierre, Loretta, Thome, Mientkewicz, and Ausmus is better than malcontents that commonly destroy MLB teams.

  6. tjspring 5 years ago

    I love Jack Zdruriencik as much as the next Mariner’s fan. He’s done a phenomenal job the last two years. But seriously, it’s kind of embarassing to see all of my fellow Ms fan oooh and ahhh over every single move he makes…the nicknames, the claims of him being Godly, the nonstop nut-hugging….come on people, it’s Everidge. It’s a move to add depth in Tacoma, basically to replace Bryan Lahair at AAA, it’s not “another brilliant move by ______ (insert cheesy Zduriencik nickname)”.

  7. biggestmsfan 5 years ago

    I think you guys are over analyzing this a bit jack just wants a guy with a belly to bop a few really realy far homeruns next year remember butt’s in the seats is another one of those gm responsiblities

  8. biggestmsfan 5 years ago

    i think you guys are over analyzing this move a bit jack just wants a guy with a belly to bop long really long hr’s in tacoma so they have better attendance makin more money for the big league team then bam they got the money to sign felix

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