Royals DFA Luis Hernandez

The Royals have designated infielder Luis Hernandez for assignment according to a team press release. The move opens up a 40-man roster spot following the signings of Noel Arguelles and Scott Podsednik.

The 25-year-old Hernandez is a career .244/.284/.276 hitter in 243 big league plate appearances, though his defense at short is solid. His minor league performance isn't much better: .249/.297/.320 in over 2,800 plate appearances. Not much to see here, folks.

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  1. Guest 6 years ago

    Defensively, Luis did pretty good for the Royals but thats about it.

  2. bannister19 6 years ago

    The 25 man remains to be a pretty big mystery to me. There’s gonna be a lot of players competing for a few spots.

  3. Koby2 6 years ago

    I’m really hoping Kila gets a legitimate shot at a roster spot, and maybe some actual playing time.

  4. amen to that! if he doesnt this year, im not sure if he ever will. the DH spots are pretty much filled, as well as 1st base. I dont know if theres room for him this year, but if they can at least wait until next year when guillen and a few others will be gone, perhaps he will have a better chance of making the team.

    hes a good player and deserves a shot. if not, at least trade him. dont have him rot in triple a. the royals upper management are stupid!

  5. michaelseeley 6 years ago

    When will people get off the Kila bandwagon? HE HAD ONE GOOD YEAR! He followed up that year with a .252 average and only 17 homers last year. The only thing he can consistently do is draw walks (still had a .392 OBP). Only had a .433 slugging percentage last year. He’s not the savior you all are thinking he is.

    Is he a better option at DH than Guillen? Probably. But that’s not really saying much. Plus, we all know that Guillen will be in there when healthy, if only because they want to get something for the $12 million they are paying him this year.

  6. MichaelSeeley-

    Jose Guillen: .681 OPS and a $12 million dollar contract

    If he could put up even a .360 OBP he could outhit Guillen in his sleep. A nearly $11.5 million dollar cheaper option that is an upgrade? Sounds like a savior to me, especially in our financial situation. Add that to the fact we have Butler at 1b being a RHB we need another LHB in our lineup.

    Your stupidity drove me to post my first comment on here. Go Royals.

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