Mets Sign Kiko Calero

The Mets signed Kiko Calero to a minor league deal worth up to $1.5MM. He earns $850K if he makes the team, with another $650K available in incentives. There is no opt-out if the Mets send him to the minors.

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News tweeted news of the deal, which was announced on SNY's broadcast of this afternoon's Mets game. Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted the details.

Calero had been looking for a major league deal, so the Mets deserve credit for adding him on a minor league contract, especially since there's a good chance Kelvim Escobar will start the season injured.

The 35-year-old pitched 60 innings of 1.95 ERA ball last year for the Marlins, with 10.4 K/9 and 4.5 BB/9. But the Marlins had concerns about his health and they weren't the only ones. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe heard from two executives who said Calero's medicals didn't look good (Twitter link). That didn't prevent eight teams from offering the righty minor league deals, according to's Alden Gonzalez (via Twitter).

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  1. Infield Fly 5 years ago

    Well, they finally did it – at a discount of course…

  2. JasonHeywardIsGod 5 years ago

    As a Braves fan that usually gives its fair share of criticism to the mets when they deserve it, great signing!

  3. SmackSaw 5 years ago

    He makes up for Brian Stokes.

  4. wishy2 5 years ago

    Low risk. Good signing.

  5. East Coast Bias 5 years ago

    Feliciano, Calero, Igarashi, and K-Rod… not a bad bullpen bunch.

  6. Just_MLB 5 years ago

    I’m hoping it allows the mets to leave parnell in the minors to develop some off-speed stuff

  7. Hellobrooklyn 5 years ago

    I guess Beimel wasn’t interested.. Mets need another LH reliever so I guess its wishful thinking that he’s signed before the season starts but this was a good move by the Mets

    • adropofvenom 5 years ago

      It wouldn’t suprise me if they did still go after Beimel or Mahay.

      This is a minor league deal, Calero is really not assured of anything.

      Escobar is likely to start the year on the DL.

      And if I was Sean Green I wouldn’t get too comfterable anyways.

      The only locks for the bullpen I see are K-Rod, Feliciano, Igarashi, and Parnell, those last 3 spots are up for grabs as far as I’m concerned.

      Plus, as you said another Lefty would be preferred.

      • maristmetsfan 5 years ago

        There is a decent chance parnell could start the year in the minors depending on his spring

        • adropofvenom 5 years ago

          Parnell had a 3.46 ERA as a reliever last year and the organization clearly thinks highly of him as a reliever, it would take a meltdown for him not to make the roster.

  8. Guest 5 years ago

    35 years old?! Wow I didn’t realize that…Good signing though. Beimel up next?

  9. maristmetsfan 5 years ago

    Very good signing, i just hope they still go after beimel or mahay.

  10. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    Good move by the Mets. They wont go after Beimel or Mahay if either demands a major league deal.

  11. crunchy1 5 years ago

    After their experience last year with all those injuries, I’m a little surprised the Mets continue to take chances on guys with questionable health. Sure, if Calero and Escobar are both healthy it’ll wind up being a couple of good pickups. I’m just not sure the Mets have the depth to be taking these kind of gambles. They’re obviously willing to roll the dice in exchange for some upside this year.

    • Ricky 5 years ago

      My Mets are desperate – they r going for bodies now

  12. Is there another Mets team out there I haven’t heard of that signed him? Surely it couldn’t be the NEW YORK Mets? Right? (Good signing!)

  13. This is certainly one of the Mets’ better offseason moves. The Mets’ bullpen last year was pretty much K-Rod and Feliciano; everyone else was either mediocre (Stokes, Parnell) bad (Green, Putz) or completely forgettable (Takahashi, Dessens.) The Mets need arms out there and this is an ideal low-risk, high-reward move.

  14. Spirit of '69 5 years ago

    Agree Calero an Escobar are risks but they’re low-risk/high-reward potential. If they bomb, not much really lost. The bigger issue is do the Mets have a lead for them to hold by the time they get the ball in any game started by someone other than Johan Santana?

    I’ve been hoping they’d find a way to land Calero as he knows the NL East and has had success. Forcing him to win a spot doesn’t hurt either. He’s already better than Green (who got lit up today by the Cardinals, so much for that new windup) and Parnell.

    • Hellobrooklyn 5 years ago

      Your right..It is early spring but Green looked bad today.. Im still hoping Beimel is picked up.. We are in a league with dominant LH bats.. Especially in Philly.

      Parnell will be alot better this season.. He doesn’t need another stint in the minors..He’s ready now

    • Ricky 5 years ago

      We should change our team name to Low Risk/High Reward

  15. BaseballFan0707 5 years ago

    Oh man. The Mets made a good signing.

    They’re wising up and moving Parnell back to the pen, btw, right?

  16. Dear Jim Hendry,

    Semi-Injured Kiko Calero >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> David Patton

  17. Spirit of '69 5 years ago

    UN-REEEEAL. Reyes scratched from lineup today, will go to NY for tests for an “overactive thyroid.” Says he feels fine, has nothing to do with his legs but concerned about his “health.” According to NY Daily News’s Adam Rubin.

  18. adropofvenom 5 years ago

    I would argue the opposite.

    The WRONG injury risk is giving 10 million dollars to Ben Sheets. That’s a ton of risk. You’re essentially paying a hefty chunk of your payroll in hoping that he does something he hasn’t done in years, and that’s staying healthy.

    The RIGHT injury risk is signing a previously very successful pitcher to a minor league contract. There’s zero risk there. If he gets hurt, you cut him and you’re right back where you began. Kelvim Escobar signed for what, 1.25 million, again, minimal risk. You’re out less then 1% of your payroll if that doesn’t pan out.

    Granted, I may have been willing to take a chance on a Erik Bedard or a Chien-Ming Wang as well for the prices they signed for, but they won’t be healthy for opening day anyways.

    I think your point is they didn’t do enough to address the rotation, and that’s potentially a fair point. But I think they decided the price on a Ben Sheets was simply too high for a maybe, and that the Jason Marquis and Jon Garland’s of the world probably aren’t any better then a Jonathon Niese would do in their place (And they’re right in feeling that way).

  19. Ricky 5 years ago

    Sheets, Harden and Bedard will be the 3 worse free agent signing this year

  20. I watched some of his games with ASU… he can usually pick it at 1B and the kid can absolutely rake at the dish. Hopefully his defense comes back soon

  21. Ricky 5 years ago

    Davis is good – Rookie growing pains.. patience .. he needs time at AAA

  22. I couldn’t believe it either. The Mets actually signed a guy I wanted for the Cardinals. The bad news for the Mets is that now that Omar actually made a smart move, you know he won’t make another for a year or two.

  23. Zack23 5 years ago

    “He is a starter, with arm issues, and they signed him to be a reliever. Someone that has to throw on back to back days… with arm issues… enough said”

    I dont think it’s “enough said.” I dont think you can say where he would be healthier, it’s obviously he cant get 180+ IP anymore so if they use him right he can be successful in the pen, unfortunately he’s probably the guy who should be getting a minor league deal but regardless. Some starters are unable to say healthy (Harden), while some relievers cant stay healthy (Zumaya), I think it just depends on the pitcher.

  24. I am gonna break this down because it is kinda amusing.

    “The Escobar signing may have been one of the dumbest signings this off season. Besides the fact that he has been injured and is unlikely to return at all. He is a starter, with arm issues, and they signed him to be a reliever. Someone that has to throw on back to back days… with arm issues… enough said.”

    Dumbest signing of the off-season? How about paying cora more guaranteed money than Felipe Lopez, or Bay at an easily attainable vesting 5th year? It is a totally low-risk move with TONS of upside, the guy was a reliever before coming over to the Angels and thrived in both positions. K’d a ton, didn’t walk many, and has great stuff. It was a smart signing, enough said because he didn’t cost anything and has a high upside for 2010.

    “They needed starters, not relievers. Instead of signing even one measly starter they sign a bunch of injured guys to fix the pen that didn’t really need fixing. Except that they need another lefty, something they still haven’t done. Garland or Marquis would’ve been great, because they bring a known quality to the rotation. Something the rotation is lacking, consistency.”

    Yes, they needed starters but who would you have wanted? Sheets? Lackey or Harden? I would have definitely taken a flier on Harden but lackey was WAY overpaid, Sheets is getting 10 mil and didn’t pitch last year. Garland and Marquis are terrible, and giving Marquis 15 million would have been a disaster. People will say Marquis wins games or he has been to the playoffs every year. Those same people seem to forget that W/L is about the worst way to evaluate a pitcher and that he also was LEFT OFF the playoff roster on most of those teams. I don’t feel like looking it up, but Marquis had a season with the Cards I think where he won something like 13-14 games with an ERA around 6… that isn’t worth 15 million over two. I would have liked Piniero, GB machine that has had an improving BB rate over the last 3 years and he was relatively cheap, but I can’t really kill Omar for not going after the FA SP. In regards to a LH in the bullpen, yes it’d be nice to have one, but if you have Escobar and Calero mowing down hitters it doesn’t really matter what side they bat on. It’s better having guys that aren’t specialists and we already have one of the best LOOGY’s in Pedro. In summation, Garland and Marquis are consistently bad and that is not what we want in our rotation.

    “They had no reason to take risks on guys in the bullpen, it was completely unnecessary.”

    No, you’re wrong that is EXACTLY where teams should take risks. Paying more than a few million for any reliever not named Rivera or Nathan is the dumb move to pull. Look how the Braves built their BP during all those division titles, or how the Marlins have built theres recently. Scrap heap pickups or develop guys within. Overpaying for relievers (Putz, Krod, Lyon, Farnsworth) is an idiotic use of resources of which we have a finite amount. Low risk/high reward guys like Escobar, Igarashi, and Calero is a the RIGHT way to build a BP to allow resources to be allocated to much more important places. I was actually impressed with how Omar worked the reliever market this off-season whereas last season I was completely underwhelmed and flabbergasted by how much we paid Krod and how much we gave up for Putz.

    “They spent their time upgrading positions that didn’t need upgrading. Look at all the catchers they signed, look at all the backup first basemen they have and look at all the right handed relievers they have. They focus on one position for months and fail to improve the others. Where did the Mets really hurt last year because they had no depth? Shortstop. Did they sign any shortstop depth? No.”

    All of those catchers were for Minor League deals with the exception of Barajas, and I am sure Omar didn’t really spend an overwhelming amount of time on these guys. Jacobs, was a pickup I hated. He is one of the worst everyday players in Baseball up there with Betancourt and if he ends up making the roster this is going to be one bad bad season. SS depth is not exactly the easiest thing to acquire. Who would you have picked up as our backup SS? How many teams have competent back-up short-stops? There is plenty to kill Omar for, but he didn’t trade anybody off of our quickly improving farm and our BP is shaping up to be a real strength this year, without breaking the bank.

  25. adropofvenom 5 years ago

    “Besides the fact that he has been injured and is unlikely to return at all.”

    Unlikely to return at all? Based on what exactly? Nobody seems to think that is the case. And it can’t be “one of the dumbest signings” simply because of the fact that he barely got anything in terms of guaranteed money. Like I said, it’s a gamble where even if it doesn’t work out, that’s only less then 1% of our payroll.

    “He is a starter, with arm issues, and they signed him to be a reliever. Someone that has to throw on back to back days… with arm issues… enough said.”

    He’s also a former closer with over 50 saves under his belt. He has done it in the past successfully.

    And it wouldn’t be the first time a “starter” moved to the bullpen over Injury concerns. See Kerry Wood as one famous example who began to have some success, at least short-term, in the bullpen. Common sense dictates that it would be easier on your arm to throw 70 innings of relief rather then 200 innings as a starter.

    “They needed starters, not relievers. Instead of signing even one measly starter they sign a bunch of injured guys to fix the pen that didn’t really need fixing. Except that they need another lefty, something they still haven’t done. Garland or Marquis would’ve been great, because they bring a known quality to the rotation. Something the rotation is lacking, consistency. They had no reason to take risks on guys in the bullpen, it was completely unnecessary. Whereas they did need a starter, but didn’t take any risk or make a single move there.”

    So what should they have done? Given Lackey 85 million? Given Sheets the single worst contract of the offseason and pray that he stays healthy long enough to justify it (Which the odds are against as he hasn’t pitched 200+ innings since 2004)? You really think Garland or Marquis is the answer man? The only thing Garland and Marquis are good for is a Mid 4 ERA, which Jon Niese or even Nelson Figueroa is perfectly capable of already. That’s a waste of money because it wouldn’t improve the team any.

    And regardling the Lefty Reliever, I still wouldn’t close the door in Beimel or Mahay. Signing Calero to a MINOR LEAGUE DEAL does not restrict them from adding another Lefty.

    “They spent their time upgrading positions that didn’t need upgrading. Look at all the catchers they signed, look at all the backup first basemen they have and look at all the right handed relievers they have. They focus on one position for months and fail to improve the others. Where did the Mets really hurt last year because they had no depth? Shortstop. Did they sign any shortstop depth? No.”

    So…. Catcher wasn’t a need? Huh? Granted, the market sucked so we had to take what we could get. But at least they tried. And I know people like to rip the Mets for signing so many catchers, but even with all of those signings, all they guaranteed was 500K to Barajas and less then a million dollars to Blanco. They were all cheap.

    First Base doesn’t need some insurance plans in case Murphy doesn’t step it up a notch? I’m not a huge Jacobs fan, but it’s not-awful depth to have in AAA or the bench in case Murphy doesn’t show those signs of progress that one would hope to see. There’s reason to believe he could put up an ~800 OPS for a couple months if need be. At least until Ike Davis is ready. And again, with all those signings, all they guaranteed was less then a million dollars to Fernando Tatis. They were all cheap.

    And you can never have enough bullpen arms, and they lost Putz and Stokes and Green couldn’t get a Lefty out if their life depended on it, they are the definition of a ROOGY, so they could certainty stand to be upgraded over. In terms of guaranteed money, the gave 2.5 million to Igarashi and Escobar. That’s it.

    I would say those were needs.

    And regarding Shortstop, the reason they didn’t need to acquire a Shortstop from the outside is because they think very highly of Ruben Tejada and Reese Havens as prospects, and they’re likely to start the year in AAA and AA respectively. Last year, they were too young to be depth. This year, I would give Tejada a shot if god forbid Castillo or Reyes need to miss some time.

  26. Ricky 5 years ago

    good points, but I am really rotting for Neise – I think he could be a Bobby Ojeda tye –

  27. Garland has had a FIP of nearly 5 over the last 4 years. If he woulda cost us 2-3 million I’d take him, otherwise our poor defense woulda shot that ERA up closer to where his tRA and FIP are. Why is it hard to find SS depth? We technically had “depth” there last year if you count a player with 4 limbs a heart guts and eyes as depth. Jack Wislon was the only decent SS on the market and he cost 10 million over two years. There was tons of 1B to sign, corner OFs and mediocre catchers. It is much harder to find depth at SS/2B/C/CF than other positions. Oddly there was also 2B depth this off-season that Omar didn’t take advantage of.

    Have you looked at Harden’s numbers? Go take a peek and you will see why SABR minded people would have wanted him on a one year deal. 150 IP from him is more valuable than 200 from the Marquis/Garland mold.

    I don’t really know why you are so down on Escobar. He isn’t gonna be out very long, there is still the possibility he is healthy by opening day and if he stays healthy this year he could be the equivalent of another BP ace.

    And yes, both Sheets and Escobar haven’t pitched in a year, but Escobar is costing about 1/10th as much as Sheets.

  28. Defensive whiz’ are no longer a dime a dozen. We had one in Wilson Valdez, but even the all defense no bad guys like Adam Kennedy are gettin decent deals now. It is extremely difficult to find MI guys especially SS that are competent. Also, the Wright to Blanco thing is apples to oranges: you made the statement that you wanted Sheets, I’d rather save that 10 million and sign a guy like Escobar whose downside isn’t nearly as catastrophic as Sheets’. That being said I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Sheets has a 180 IP 200 K season. At the same time I wouldn’t be surprised by a 40 IP season from him.

    You really have no reason to be down on Escobar and Calero specifically. Omar and his off-season yes (Cora, Francouer, Bay, No Piniero, Sheets or 1B), but Omar didn’t give these guys multi-year deals, if they don’t work out they are cut at minimal cost.

  29. Pelfrey’s 2009 was nearly identical to his 08. GB% and K% actually got better, BB% and HR% slightly up. It was mostly the terrible defense that killed his season so lets not say he is all “potential.” Jacobs is awful plain and simple but you say to spend money on our relievers. Then tell me, who do we sign? Would you want Lyon at 3/15? Or Rodney at 2/13 or whatever moronic deal he got? You can’t just say go get somebody without identifying who exactly. I agree, we coulda used an SP or two, but there was no guarantee out there besides somebody like Garland who was guaranteed to be mediocre. Like i said if we coulda gotten him for 3-4 this season I woulda done it, but otherwise it is a waste of money and I’d rather take a look at Niese, Figueroa, Niever who will all cost under 700k. Saving money this year SHOULD (please god let it be) mean that we will have more paper to spend next off-season which has a MUCH better FA class.

  30. wright_is_my_boy 5 years ago

    wow… RELAX

  31. adropofvenom 5 years ago

    ….or because he was adjusting to wood bats. You know, a reason that actually makes sense.

    And dude, it’s March 5th. Pretty much everybody plays sloppy in the field in early March. They haven’t played baseball for months. Give him time to get back in his normal routine and he’ll be fine.

  32. Ricky 5 years ago

    He will be fine

  33. alphakira 5 years ago

    I was just about to defend him when you ^ did a nice job doing so.

    “Apparently pressure gets to the kid. Not a good sign to be honest. He didn’t hit any homeruns in over 200 ABs in his first year because he said he was feeling pressured and blah blah blah. ”

    You’re stating that pressure is getting to him…without acknowledging that he just hit a grand slam today and went 2-3…So the pressure got to him last year but not when he’s trying out for the major league Mets? Stop using throw away comments, he’ll be fine. 3 games of spring training is far from a good litmus test for Christ sakes.

  34. You can’t just sign guys out of other teams minor leagues though. I really can’t think of any really good defensive SS that were on the market this year, and with UZR, and + / – becoming widely used it is becoming harder to take advantage of these inefficiencies. Not that Omar would anyway.

    Bay was an OK signing, but nothing to get excited over. Once again Omar overpaid for a guy and gave another (!!!) vesting option. We are gonna be paying 17 million for a 36 year old left fielder and can’t hide him at DH. That isn’t the best of moves.

    And “the fans” appreciating a move is about the worst thing a GM could do. Most of the Metsblog and MLBTR met fans last year were hailing the Krod and Putza moves. Krod is pretty good, but that 4th year vesting option (once again) is going to kill us. Declining K rate and BB rate each year does not bode well for the end of that contract.

    Finally, on Piniero: It is not unheard of for a guy to become a GB pitcher later in his career, and he has had a steadily improving GB% and BB% over the last 3 years. I wouldn’t expect him to have a season last year but I can see him having a pretty darn good year at a bargain.

  35. I think Pelfrey just got really unlucky. And the defense behind him (Berroa, Cora, Castillo) was gross which really hurt him as a GB pitcher. I can’t really say whether or not he had too much pressure on him, because I can’t read his mind. I can definitively say that the defense behind him was pathetic and had a big impact on his season.

    With Wright, the power outage was pretty inexplicable. But, small sample size aside, his “clutch” numbers weren’t half bad. Late and Close, Tie Game, and withing 1-3 runs his OPS+ was all above league average. I think it’s safe to say that he had one of the flukier years in baseball history.

    Valverde may have taken a deal, but would it be worth overpaying another closer on the FA market and losing an early 2nd round pick for him along with tying up a lot of payroll on a guy that is only gonna throw around 60 innings this year? I am never keen on tying up large amounts of payroll to relievers.

  36. R_y_a_n 5 years ago

    *Bracing myself to get bashed*

    I never even thought Willie was THAT bad. Seems like the Mets just needed a scapegoat at the time.

  37. Ricky 5 years ago

    Bay is our 4th hitter

  38. Ricky 5 years ago

    C’mon – Randolph was the manager of one of the worst sports collapses ever – should have been fired in 07′ – terrible and handling bullpen

  39. Ricky 5 years ago

    hope Minaya doesn’t rush another young player like Davis – Davis is a stud

  40. Ricky 5 years ago

    Easy – Davis will be fine – he will be our starting 1B around Aug 1st

  41. alphakira 5 years ago

    1) I don’t “like” him, I’ve never even seen him play. I’m simply a realistic person that realizes people make mistakes. You on the other hand are judging a KID on 1 game and absolutely no MLB experience.

    2) You’re not “being realistic,” you’re jumping the gun. You can’t predict how he’ll do, nor are you as knowledgeable as the people in the farm system that tout him as a very good player. He’s a kid, expect nothing until you’ve seen him in action for a year.

  42. Ricky 5 years ago

    Patience dude – Davis is a baby

  43. Ricky 5 years ago

    not rushing top prospects is like applying novicane, give it time and it always works.. except Gregg Jefries :)))


  44. Ricky 5 years ago

    I got a good deal and actually upgraded my tickets through a friend – got lucky. I think Sheets will not do well in Al and will get hurt


  45. Have you not been around recently? Look at what Guttierez, Cameron and Beltre got in FA. Defense is once again being emphasiez and those guys aren’t easy to pick up. Guys like John McDonald got a major league deal. Defense is no longer an easily exploitable option in the market like the Mariners did last year. SS is the HARDEST position to fill next to catcher, the only way to really have a competent back up at SS is through the farm.

    Also, I have been commending Omar on his work this off-season in regards to the reliever market. We could have DEFINITELY gone another direction rather than overpay for Krod or Bay. With Krod, there were TONS of relievers on the market during the 09 off-season including, Kerry Wood, Hoffman, Fuentes and others. Hoffman got a 1 year deal and was much better than Krod. Giving Krod a 4 year deal was pointless and it was obvious by the end off the off-season when everybody’s asking price went down. Similarly, with Bay we could have just signed Cameron for about a 1/4 of the contract he got and kept our options open over the next few seasons with regards to the OF. Cameron wouldn’t have given us as good an offensive presence but Defensively he is still at an advanced age much much better than Bay. Nobody else offered Bay 4 years (much less 5) and we didn’t need to pay him that much when the Sox withdrew their offer.

  46. Ricky 5 years ago

    It’s rough


  47. Ricky 5 years ago

    You know the guy I wan to deal is Martinez, provided he’s tearing AAA up


  48. It is actually 1 year and 20 million though when that option vests, which it most undoubtedly will. They pulled the offer before we made ours IIRC, and that’s when Bay went scrambling and most people were saying that he overplayed his hand. The cards made the same mistake with Holliday since there was NO other team interested.

    We obviously aren’t gonna agree on this SS thing, but just look at the teams in MLB. Why would the cards sign Julio lugo if there were magical defensive whiz minor league FA? The Red Sox picked up Nick freakin Green when Lowrie went down. You could be right, there could be the Kurt Warner of SS’ sitting in the minor leagues, but that is much more far fetched than the belief that there isn’t anybody out there. With tejada, havens and maybe flores coming up (even though it seems he will get moved to a corner) the mets will finally have MI depth. Also, minor league FA are all in independent league’s and can you think of ONE independent league player that has helped a team in recent memory? No team is going to leave a decent SS unprotected in the Rule 5 so that isn’t a possibility either. I am sorry to break it to you, but it seems very unlikely that there is a great defensive SS playing for the Newark bears or Long Island Ducks. Those players are generally former AAAA players that are trying to get back onto a AAA affiliate.

  49. That isn’t really logic though, it is a subjective guess that he put too much pressure on himself. It very well could be true, but we can say that the defense behind him was beyond poor and back it up with numbers. You probably didn’t see any people just missing balls after a dive because they had such little range they couldn’t get anywhere near the ball.

  50. I don’t know where you got the idea i was talking about an all-star. You mention guys we have never heard of in the minor league’s that means a minor league FA. Those guys are terrible. If you made a mistake then, give me some names of FA Major League back-up SS. Try and find some, there really aren’t that many. What is so hard about understanding the scarcity of the SS position?

  51. His LD% went down in 09, so no that isn’t true. Players also say they won because they were blessed or they had more heart than the other team. Is he really gonne throw the defense behind him under the bus? He did walk more batters but he struck out more, induced more ground balls, and allowed less line drives than the previous year. If anything he improved from the year before.

  52. The same Luis Hernandez with a – UZR and UZR/150 albeit small small sample size. The scarcity of the SS position DOES exist, shown by there not being very many good ones. And if somebody is going to be a back up on the Mets then they are a major league backup, so I really do not know what you are saying. Yes, guys will be DFA’d and there may be some decent ones but in regards to SS that is not always the case. This isn’t like a corner OF where you can take a crappy defensive guy and stick him there cause of his bat. If somebody flashes a good glove at SS they will be kept on the 40 man in case of injuries. We aren’t going to find many John Mcdonald’s or Jack Wilson on Minor League deals. Hell even Omar Vizquel got a major league deal.

  53. Now that I think about it, Hernandez would be a good signing as a backup SS. Good find there.

  54. Actually, they mean everything. Luck is a huge part of the game or bad luck. Pelfrey was relatively lucky in 08, and pretty unlucky last year. He is right around a 4.2 ERA pitcher who can give us a lotta innings because he induces a ton of GB. ERA is an extremely flawed stat as shown here. Of the most important numbers BB%, K%, LD%, LOB%, BABIP, HR/FB ratio and for pelf GB% most of them improved with the exception of BB% and HR/FB. His LOB% went way down his and his babip went up. There isn’t anything that says that “he tried too much.” Really? Do you think he went out there and “tried too hard” and somehow had negative results? I thought we wanted guys to give 110% and leave it all out there on the field. That is a lazy way of characterizing his year without doing any research. Ollie perez doesn’t try at all and Pelf tried too hard. No, Ollie Perez has NEVER had good control and everybody who looked past his 07-08 ERA’s saw that his tRA and FIP were much much higher and knew the contract was a mistake. Look at Cole Hamels numbers from last year. Same thing, with all of his peripheral stats nearly exactly the same as 08, but the ERA skyrocketed. Did he try too hard also trying to repeat as WFC? Take your head out of the sand man, these aren’t subjective stats like WAR or even UZR which has some subjectivity. These are concrete stats that aren’t even hard to figure out how they are formulated all saying Pelf (and Hamels) had very similar 08 and 09 seasons. The difference in the two seasons being Hamels isnt a Low 3 ERA pitcher and Pelf isn’t a High 3’s. Pelf is a low to mid 4 ERA pitcher and hamels is a mid-to-high 3 ERA pitcher.

  55. Yes, ERA is a bad stat because it doesn’t tell you very much about a pitcher considering things like defense are COMPLETELY out of his control. Trying to do to much means WHAT exactly? You use these gross oversimplifications that TELL US NOTHING about what happened! You used hyperbole and ad hominem attacks that I don’t know what I am talking about or I don’t comprehend what you are saying. You said he tried to do too much, which again means what exactly? That he tried too hard? Or is there a difference between trying too much and trying too hard. His BB% went up, and more flyballs that he gave up went for home-runs, and the defrense behind him was terrible. THAT is why he had a worse season according to ERA. Not because he tried too hard. Also, why can’t you answer my Hamels question? You can’t/won’t because you are lazy, and cliche antiquated baseball terms are much easier than… doing the tiniest bit of research to understand what exactly happened. Rather you will listen to what Benny from the Bronx says on the afternoon drive and agree that pelf licking his hands meant he put too much pressure on himself and that is why he had a bad season. Not the fact that QUANTIFIABLE EVIDENCE shows there was much more going on than your simple belief. I won’t change your mind, but one final time I will stack the arguments against each other.

    Reasoning for Mike Pelfrey’s 2009 ERA increase:

    Metsvilleslugger: He tried to do to much.

    Blake: BB% increased, HR/FB increased, and infield defense UZR was historically bad.

    One argument has evidence while the other has an ABSOLUTELY subjective and unquantifiable, undefendable and untestable statement. Do you also believe the earth is flat? Did dinosaurs once share modern day Colorado with man? Your strawman argument has been beaten to a pulp.

  56. alphakira 5 years ago

    Oops, I accidentally clicked “like,” well I guess that’s one person that will do so.

    All I read was blah blah blah – I’m spewing nonsense – blah blah blah.

    All while Davis goes 3-5 today and gets a 2 out RBI (and 2 on the day). It must be all of that “pressure” that he can’t handle.

  57. alphakira 5 years ago

    Hey, look, he went 2 for 3 again. 2 RBIs as well.

    “At what point do you admit the pressure is effecting his play?”

    See my comments about his hitting? When that isn’t the case anymore is when I “admit” it. There’s nothing to admit. It’s fairly obvious you’ve never played a sport in your life. I’m a former boxer/3B/small forward. You don’t “feel the pressure” on just one aspect of your game and then excel in the rest. If anything, all the errors are PROVING he doesn’t feel the pressure. If he had, he’d be hitting nothing. If you want to say he may not be a good defensive player, sure, that’s a possibility, but we won’t know until he’s in the big leagues. And if that’s the case, if he keeps hitting the way he’s hitting now, I’d be happy to trade him to the AL for a all around player.

    Your logic though just plain sucks. Until you have something to say, I won’t be responding back.

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