Which Overpaid Veterans Could Be Released?

The Diamondbacks released Eric Byrnes, owed $11MM, in January of this year.  In March of 2009, the Giants released outfielder Dave Roberts and ate $6.5MM in salary.  Soon after, the Tigers cut Gary Sheffield despite $14MM left on his contract.  In '08, the Orioles cut Jay Gibbons and assumed his remaining $11.9MM.  That same month, the Astros released pitcher Woody Williams despite his $6.5MM commitment.  Which well-paid veterans might be on the chopping block for 2010?  My entirely speculative list follows.

  • Eric Chavez, Athletics: one year, $15MM.  Even as a utility man, Chavez is a tough fit on an A's roster that includes an out of options Jake Fox.  Chavez retiring might make this situation easier on everyone. 
  • Jeff Suppan, Brewers: one year, $14.5MM.  For the first time in his Brewers career, Suppan is battling for a rotation spot.
  • Carlos Silva, Cubs: two years, $25MM.  Though the Cubs are only on the hook for $16MM of Silva's contract, it still may make sense to cut him if he shows nothing in Spring Training. 
  • Jose Guillen, Royals: one year, $12MM.  Coming off ankle and back surgery, Guillen is slated to be the Royals' full-time DH.  CHONE projects him to hit just .254/.309/.398 in 2010.
  • Dontrelle Willis, Tigers: one year, $12MM.  Willis is in good spirits as he tries to return from anxiety and command issues and earn a rotation spot.

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