Rosenthal On Cardinals, Silva, Yankees

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports leads his latest column by noting that the Angels' problems extend beyond the loss of first baseman Kendry Morales.  On the business side, I wonder how Morales' abbreviated 2010 will affect his first-time arbitration payday after the season.  A few other hot stove notes from Rosenthal…

  • Rosenthal would not be surprised to see the Cardinals add a starting pitcher.  They've got payroll flexibility but a reluctance to move more prospects.  In my opinion, that points toward an acquisition of someone like Jake Westbrook.
  • Carlos Silva has surpassed all expectations, and you have to credit Cubs GM Jim Hendry for saving money and getting a useful player for Milton Bradley.  Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik said to Rosenthal, "We didn't see any flashes of him doing what he's doing now. It just didn't feel like it was going to work here."
  • Rosenthal finds it likely that the Yankees will attempt to acquire a bat as well as bullpen help.
  • Could Phillies first base prospect Jonathan Singleton become trade bait?  Rosenthal spoke to one scout who raved about Singleton, who the Phillies drafted out of high school in the eighth round last year.  Singleton, ranked 20th among Phils prospects heading into the season by Baseball America, is off to a strong start in Low A.

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  1. I would never give Hendry credit. He was REQUIRED to get rid of Milton Bradley, and the only way to do that was by taking Carlos Silva. The fact that Silva is doing good is purely luck.

    • CrustyJuggler 5 years ago

      Exactly. Silva has been utter dog-crap the last 2 years and him coming out of nowhere and doing well is something no one could have predicted. When the Cubs first got him he was slated to be bullpen fodder.

    • Silva & Vlad are the comeback players of the year, no question.

      • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

        Scott Rolen would like a word with you. He’s my pick for comeback player of the year.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          comback from what? a .310 batting average?

          • BillB325 5 years ago

            I don`t think he is on the comeback player list

  2. I think I posted that the Angels should actually look into selling, instead of trying to replace Morales on here the other day. Nice to see Rosenthal echoing that sentiment. Hunter, Matsui, Abreu all would be better suited on a contender. LAA simply isnt one at the point. The A’s dwarf them in terms of pitching and also stole their “manufacturing runs” offensive credo and therefore have leapfrogged over them and the Rangers have arguably the best farm in baseball as well a contending team right now. The future looks pretty bleak for LAA, its time to sell and strengthen that farm.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Oakland is a contender but the Angels are not? Dude you are a complete homer.

      • Sure whatever, nice post you made there man. Why not try and start a convo instead of just making meaningless shit-talk.

    • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

      Nothing can ever look that bleak in the AL West. Barring an extended slump, the Angels should not sell.

  3. GriffeyandSizemore 5 years ago

    The Yankee’s need a bat since nick johnson is probably going to be out for a while i think adam dunn would be a great fit with tiexeria and arod not playing that there full ability what do you think the Yanks would have to give up for dunn? Mcallister and melancan? or more? less? i dont know what the nationals would want for just a rental. or who else could the Yanks get that would fill in the void?

    • Teixeira and A-Rod have turned it around of late, and the Yankees really don’t need another bat.

    • Yankeeboy11 5 years ago

      How about signing Jermaine Dye.

    • They need a bull pen arm more than anything, when they get that done look for another bat. Personally though, i would rather them bring up Montero to Dh catch, and play corner outfield occasionally.

    • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

      “The Yankees need a bat”, he says.

  4. InvalidUserID 5 years ago

    The Yankees #1 pressing issue is the bullpen. See the other day when the Yankees couldn’t hold a 100 run lead as an example.

    Nick Johnson’s departure doesn’t completely create a need as Cervelli’s play allows the Yankees to give Jorge a few days there and along with Thames & Miranda, DH is set.

  5. Hell, the Yanks could bring back Bruney…

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