Gammons On Martinez, Lowell, Iannetta

Peter Gammons made one of his regular appearances on WEEI's The Big Show on Friday afternoon to chat about the Red Sox.  Matt West has the full transcript, but here are a few of the more pertinent notes….

  • David Ortiz's improved play led to a question about Boston's future plans at the DH spot.  Gammons thinks that it will depend on if Victor Martinez is willing to re-sign "at a DH price or at a catcher’s price.  If its a catcher’s price I don’t think Victor will come back; if its a DH price I think they’ll bring him back."
  • Along those same lines, Gammons notes that "a DH price" is lower since league-wide, designated hitters are producing fairly average numbers: "The DH has been devalued, there are a lot of 35-, 36-year-olds who used to have the juice of life that don’t have it anymore."
  • Mike Lowell's agents have told Gammons that eight to ten teams are interested in their client, though Gammons doesn't necessarily believe them.  He thinks Lowell will end up being dealt from Boston at some point, though Gammons notes that two possible contenders for his services (the Mets and Rangers) are out of the running given the production of Ike Davis and Vladimir Guerrero, respectively. 
  • Gammons cites Tampa Bay as a potential destination for Lowell if the Sox end up releasing him.  Lowell would split time in a platoon at DH with Hank Blalock.
  • In regards to the rumors about Chris Iannetta, Gammons says the Red Sox attempted to acquire the catcher two years ago and "do really love him."  A deal could still happen later in the year though Gammons doesn't know if Boston could meet Colorado's trade needs.

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