No Upcoming Moves For Royals

The Royals already trail the Twins by ten games, but GM Dayton Moore told's Dick Kaegel that he is not about to make any player moves. The Royals are 11-21, but Moore says he does not anticipate any action in the near future.

"No, nothing planned," Moore said. "There shouldn't be anything in the works tomorrow unless there's something unforeseen."

Some expect the Royals to listen to offers for Jose Guillen and David DeJesus. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported yesterday that Dejesus is "more than available" already. The Mariners have some interest in Jose Guillen, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star, though the Seattle has yet to inquire formally about Guillen's availability.

Royals manager Trey Hillman has frustrated some fans, including Rany Jazayerli, who says Hillman has "crossed the point of no return in Kansas City." However, Moore told Kaegel that he thinks his manager has done a "terrific job."

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  1. BentoBox 5 years ago

    Wow. Trey Hillman has been terrible for the Royals. Everybody wants him fired and yet Dayton Moore thinks his manager has done a “terrific job” ?.

  2. KC_KID_22 5 years ago

    “Terrific job” ? What team is Dayton watching? I’m a huge fan, but this is all going in such a wrong direction. Yes the farm is being built up, but without and competence at the big league level, they will never go anywhere. Hillman needs to go, and if Moore wants to keep singing his praises, then he is going to have to go as well. If Guillen, DeJesus, etc. aren’t being moved by mid-June, there will be problems. And if Trey is still at the helm, Mr. Glass needs to start rolling heads on his own.

  3. bjsguess 5 years ago

    So confusing. How can Moore not be actively engaging other teams and trying to offload his bloat is beyond me. KC wonders why they are consistently in last … look no further than Moore.

  4. Otis26 5 years ago

    Rany is a flaming meglomaniac and I don’t pay much attention to what he says. In fact I pay no attention at all.

  5. tman89544 5 years ago

    Just dump Guillen now please. Its KILA time.

  6. Otis26 5 years ago

    Kila is not Messiah.

    He’s Ryan Shealy Lite…and what’s sad is Royals fans are reduced to pulling for a never-will-be in order to find some hope.

  7. I’ve heard that infamous “he’s done a terrific job line somewhere before….” oh yes. Nebraska fans, rewind to 2006 when a certain hated jackball named Bill Callaclown uttered those same words. A couple months later, he was fired, his boss fired…and we started anew. In a perfect world, I envision that same thing happening. But unfortunately…it won’t…mainly because David Glass is more worried about stuffing his pocket books vs. running a winning franchise. Then you have Moore, who is using a 1990 recipe from his buddy John Schuerholz. It worked then…in the National League! Those two really are the ones to go. Hillman, realistically…will see the guillotine first because the manager is always the first to die. Regardless how this season goes, I’m a Royal fan til I die….which could be this year at this rate. I’ll support these guys because they I think at least try to play the game right…minus their defensive forepaws and abilities to throw meatballs on a routine basis. There is just no real high-level talent at the major league level with a couple exceptions.

  8. bannister19 5 years ago

    And at this point in the season, nothing should be done. It didn’t come in as a team expecting to beat the Twins. It makes no sense spending money for improvements that most likely won’t help too much.

    But Trey Hillman has to go.

  9. splatty 5 years ago

    I agree – there’s no point to moving anyone right now. While DeJesus may not be the best corner outfield option from a power perspective, he’s a gold glove worthy fielder and the heart and soul of the team. I’d hate to see him go. Guillen was just a bust of a deal, but I’d rather let him play out his contract than make it even worse by having to eat a bunch of cash to get rid of him. Nobody is going to offer us squat for an injury-prone veteran DH with clubhouse issues. Hillman needs to go, but DM won’t be bring the axe down anytime soon. If anything, I hope Trey and DM get their heads out of their…well, you know…and FIRE DAVE OWEN. Why has this guy not been held accountable for his mistakes? Because he’s Trey’s college buddy? He should not have even been asked back for the 2010 season. We fine Yuni for dropping only the 2nd pop-up of his career, yet this guy is still breathing. Not that firing a 3rd base coach will solve many problems, but we have to have SOME standards.

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