Trade Rumor Timeline

Some names – Adrian Gonzalez and Roy Oswalt for example – have already surfaced in trade rumors. But some of the players we'll hear about in trade talks this summer have yet to appear. To find out when we should have a good sense of who is available, let's look back to last summer and see when some of the biggest names first appeared in rumors:

Some of the players we're reading about now will remain in the rumor mill non-stop for a few months, but we haven't necessarily heard all the big names – there could easily be some surprise trade candidates to come.

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3 Comments on "Trade Rumor Timeline"

5 years 3 months ago

Slow news day?

5 years 3 months ago

Haha, I like this website but especially right now a ton of these articles don’t pass as news and a bunch of the others are just dissecting to death the players of any team that’s falling out of contention a mere month into the season. I always thought this was supposed to be a site on trade rumors not a baseball type forum throwing out every type of trade possibility.

5 years 3 months ago

I think you have to view from the aspect that we hear lots of names and this provides some insight as to which provide credence for further discussion. I for one think its interesting to look back and see how the ‘experts’ disected the trade market well before the trades occured.