Ortiz Expects Pedro To Pitch This Season

David Ortiz expects his friend Pedro Martinez to pitch this season, reports Mark Hale of the New York Post.  Ortiz spoke to Pedro about a month ago; at that time the pitcher was working out but not really talking to teams.

Back on April 6th, Martinez said he wouldn't need long to get ready and had a preference for an NL East Coast contender.  Pedro is known to have been in contact with the Phillies, while the Mets appear uninterested in a second stint.  Given Martinez's criteria, he might need to get the Nationals involved to spark a competition for his services.

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3 Comments on "Ortiz Expects Pedro To Pitch This Season"

5 years 3 months ago

Complete the triage of oft-injured pitchers on the A’s?

Now that Duke’s gone, get Pedro to take his place?

5 years 3 months ago

With all the problems that the Red Sox are having with Josh Beckett and Dice-K right now. And the past few or more starts with John Lackey isnt going well, it would be nice to see the Sox re-sign Pedro even if it is for a half a season.
Lester and Buchholz is doing well and Wake is in the bullpen even though he has already made a few spot starts since then.
Only wishful thinking though, doubt it will happen. Only way is how Nomar did and came back for a day just to retire.

5 years 3 months ago

Since when are the Mets so deep in arms that they won’t even consider Pedro? Makes no sense at all