Pierzynski Open To A Trade

A.J. Pierzynski told Scott Merkin of MLB.com that he's open to a trade, though he'd prefer to see the White Sox start winning so he isn't tempted to go anywhere. The 33-year-old catcher, who will have no-trade rights after he sees his ten and five rights kick in June 14th, would consider leaving Chicago.

"Obviously, if the White Sox aren't where we want to be and a team has a chance for the playoffs and to win the World Series and they come and say, 'Hey, we need a catcher,' it would be hard to say no to that,"
 Pierzynski said.

Pierzynski repeated his desire to stay in Chicago, where he has played since 2005, but pointed to Jim Thome, who played in the postseason with the Dodgers after leaving the White Sox in a summer 2009 trade. The chance to play playoff baseball would make it hard for Pierzynski to say no to a deal.

Ken Rosenthal reported this weekend that Pierzynski would probably approve a trade. The White Sox have since become sellers and could match up with clubs that need help behind the plate.

The Brewers lost Gregg Zaun, though they may be reluctant to take on the $4MM remaining on Pierzynski's $6.25MM salary in a season when they're well below .500. The Brewers will consider options, but GM Doug Melvin says a deal for Pierzynski is unlikely. The Rangers reportedly asked about Pierzynski last month and while they don't seem likely to add much salary, they could use catching help.

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