Rockies To Keep “Weathering The Storm”

Rockies owner Dick Monfort told Troy Renck of the Denver Post that his club probably can’t add a hitter and probably doesn’t need a pitcher. Despite rumblings connecting the Rockies to infielders such as Dan Uggla and Ty Wigginton, Monfort says deals for star hitters are easier discussed than completed.

"I don't think we can add a bat” Monfort said. “I mean, who's going to trade you something you want? It's especially hard to get a right-handed bat. We have plenty of left-handed bats."

Monfort didn’t rule out adding an arm, but said he thinks the Rockies “are good” in terms of pitching, especially since Jorge de la Rosa should return early next month. Taylor Buchholz is also on his way back and Huston Street has joined the club already. Since those pitchers are returning and adding a power bat would be difficult, Monfort thinks the Rockies are “better off weathering the storm.”

It became apparent yesterday that the 38-33 Rockies won't likely acquire infielders soon, even though they're missing a regular until Troy Tulowitzki's wrist heals.

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2 Comments on "Rockies To Keep “Weathering The Storm”"

5 years 2 months ago

Don’t the Rockies have an ex-Cub prospect floating around somewhere? Everyone knows that Andy MacPhail loves his ex-Cubs, regardless of whether or not they have talent.

5 years 2 months ago

Here’s an idea, make a trade for Cliff Lee..the Mariners want a Catcher…package Iannetta in a deal and bring in a proven Ace to compliment Jimenez if you’re not going to add a middle infield bat like Uggla or Kelly Johnson. I understand that this would be basically a rent an ace for half a season situation, but he would be an affordable option for what he can provide that would help ensure another push deep into the playoffs. If the front office sits idle with a wait and see approach, I feel that they will miss out while the other 3 teams still ahead of us in the division will make deals to improve and pull away….Make a move please..and not just a weak add an arm to the bullpen or a bench player kind of deal..we could use another impact get one and let’s get Helton his WS Ring already!