Dodgers Sign Juan Castro

The Dodgers signed infielder Juan Castro to a minor league deal, tweets Ed Price of AOL FanHouse.  Castro was released by the Phillies on July 17th.

Castro, 38, came up through the Dodgers' system and also spent the '09 season with the club.  He tallied a .198/.237/.238 big league line before the Phillies released him this year.

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  1. why is all i ask

  2. akbled 5 years ago

    Poor Ned Colletti, this organization is making him look like a joke of a GM.

  3. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    wow he must have needed a job and called uncle Neddy

  4. gigantes2425 5 years ago

    Ned:we need someone whose going to really help us out. someone who can get us to the playoffs.
    frank:get the best.
    Ned: I’ve got it!
    Ned and Frank:Juan Castro!

  5. Moosehog 5 years ago

    This signing increases our postseason chances exponentially! Juan is exactly the power bat I’ve been praying for ! Go Ned!

  6. mwbbfan 5 years ago

    More like depth charge—-can’t run,hit or field :)

  7. Gumby65 5 years ago

    Who opened the jar of trollbait? Depth at AAA, and yes, believe it or not the guy *CAN* field. Get over it.

  8. JST1331 5 years ago

    called it you can have him.

  9. dusto 5 years ago

    blargh… too old to be a reliable fielder. certainly not a “slick” glove. Lets hope Raffy stays healthy.

  10. clu206 5 years ago

    This just means Jamey Carroll is on the trading block so we need a defensive backup for DeWitt and Furkey

  11. clu206 5 years ago

    That just means Jamey carroll is on the trading block so we gonna pick up a back up.

  12. Jamey Carroll better not be on the trading block. That would be ridiculous. Hopefully just a depth move. I can see Belliard on the trading block though. But lets be realistic the Dodgers need a REAL Bat…one that hits (Werth, Hart) someone like that. Get rid of Manny he has’nt done anything since leaving the juice.

  13. jeff702 5 years ago

    Dodgers need to get rid of Blake Dewitt & Russell “Douple Play” Martin.

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