Giants Notes: Trades, Molina, Sabean

With the Bengie Molina trade just finalized today, there are still a lot of eyes focused on what the Giants are up to next.  Here are some notes from the Bay Area….

  • Chris Haft of says the Molina deal could be a precursor to another move to acquire a hitter.  With Buster Posey now installed behind the plate, San Francisco are now free to pursue a corner infielder (with Pablo Sandoval playing either first or third as the situation may warrant) or an outfielder.  Names like David DeJesus and Jose Guillen have been mentioned as possible acquisitions, and we also know the Giants will shy away from rent-a-players.
  • Mychael Urban of says the Molina trade was "the most significant move made by Brian Sabean in the past several years." Urban also reports that Molina had "become a subtle but significant source of clubhouse contention."
  • Molina tells Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News that being traded was "a shock" since there was still a full month before the trade deadline and because he felt he had developed a rapport with the Giants' pitching staff.  When he signed with the team, however, Molina knew a deal was possible given that Posey was waiting in the wings.
  • In another Baggarly piece, Sabean disagreed with Buster Olney's informal GM survey that cited Sabean as the toughest general manager to make deals with, or just to reach on the phone.  Sabean felt Olney's piece "lacked context."

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6 Comments on "Giants Notes: Trades, Molina, Sabean"

5 years 1 month ago

Not so sure I really like an outfielder as opposed to a power hitting 1B. We are one hitter away that will bring total cohesion to our lineup. The Giants need to look for a good power hitter and hopefully by the trade deadline an opportunity pops up for the team. AND please no one over the age of 32 Sabes…

5 years 1 month ago

And GMs alike feel that you, Sabean, lack context, since no one can reach you on the damn phone to get context from!


5 years 1 month ago

Does it make ANY sense to get Dejesus? Pls don’t do this. Why get a contact hitter in a career year just to add to all these contact hitters we already have!!? How will this benefit us? Uhhhh, let’s see we have Torres, Sanchez, Posey, & so-so Renteria.
So why not get a Big Bopper to come slug for us?

5 years 1 month ago

I dont understand why the Giants refuse to trade Sanchez or Bumgarner. They already have Lincecum, Cain, and Zito. When you go to the playoffs you go down to a 4-man rotation then a 3-man rotation in the World Series. So why do they need both Sanchez and Bumgarner? I understand them wanting to keep this awesome rotation together but its hurting the team, we need offense.

So I’d like to see Sabean trade Sanchez for a big hitter, maybe someone like Prince Fielder. Just look at this lineup…

Torres – CF
Sanchez – 2B
Huff – RF
Fielder – 1B
Burrell – LF
Sandoval – 3B
Uribe – SS
Posey – C

Looks pretty formidable to me.

5 years 1 month ago

What context justifies other GMs thinking you’re the most difficult GM to deal with?

5 years 1 month ago

Posey is not “infused” behind the plate.. Anyone who knows Bochy knows that “Whitey” will get 40-50% of the catching still.. Not a heck of a lot will change..