Morosi On Giants, Downs, Myers, Tigers

Let's check out the latest updates from Jon Paul Morosi at FOX Sports….

  • The Giants continue to search for a left-handed reliever, with Jeremy Affeldt and Dan Runzler injured. While we've heard the club had been eyeing lefties such as Will Ohman and Scott Downs, Morosi indicates that, like every other team that has inquired on Downs, the Giants weren't enthused by Toronto's asking price.'s Mychael Urban (via Twitter) reports that the Giants are "working hard" to complete a trade tonight, though there's no indication of whether it would be for bullpen help or another piece.
  • Starters like Ted Lilly and Brett Myers appear unlikely to be traded to Minnesota. The Twins would need to overpay to pry Myers away from the Astros.
  • The Tigers aren't looking to make a blockbuster deal, but could still make minor moves to upgrade their roster. The club doesn't want to "overexpose" their young players, which played a part in their acquisition of Jhonny Peralta. A bullpen addition is still a possibility for the Tigers, who were scouting the Blue Jays on Wednesday night.

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  1. PDR297 5 years ago

    I’m pretty sure we just learned that overpay is a relative term with the Astros.

  2. Nycalex00 5 years ago

    Sabean did you seen last night game we got one freaking hit.We need a bat (dunn)sabean you tool and please dfa bautisa and bring up edlesfen or get a decent lefty dont get rip off like the twins.

    • Will32 5 years ago

      I’m 100% sure the Giants are going to trade for Ohman. I’d love to trade for Dunn, but Sabean won’t be able to pull the trigger on a trade for him. So I think Willingham is a more realistic trade.

    • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

      You should edit this comment one more time…..

    • humbb 5 years ago

      Well, if you had seen the one-hitter you would know that it wasn’t a night game, but a 12:45pm afternoon game. And if you looked at the Wednesday late-afternoon game you would know that the Giants got 17 hits, and 11 hits the night before, 8 off of Josh Johnson.

      With the Dodgers left-handedness coming in, I have to believe Sabean’s immediate priority right now is a LHP out of the bullpen; Ohman seems to be the most likely guy. Decent and affordable.

    • know that our giants team played consistently with no breaks at all. the giants players themselves seem hella tired because of our schedule this year. the way i look at the schedule for the giants is that 18-20 games tops then a rest and most of our games are on the road. we have the most fucked up schedule ever. look at the damn padres, their schedule is very, very, very easy. how are we playing 4 games more than the padres, i don’t get it? and their still in the lead. s.o.b.!

  3. gigantes2425 5 years ago

    i have a feeling giants are getting a bat by the end of the night

  4. Will32 5 years ago

    Why arent my comments showing up!!!

  5. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    Sometimes the comments don’t appear right away with DISQUS. Give it a few minutes and it’ll show up.

  6. 55saveslives 5 years ago

    The only bats left really are Dunn and Bautista. Unless we go lower tier for Luke Scott or Corey Hart.

  7. jctrock 5 years ago

    I would really be estatic of the Giants ad a bat. They said on the radio interview they were not willing to part with any starting pitching. I think Dunn will not be delt to any teams this season. The Giants lost interest in Ty Wiggington… damn… who would they go for then? Get those Left handed pitchers. GO GIANTS!

  8. bigbird24 5 years ago

    So which big-time prospects do you want them to ship for Dunn? The Nats want someone on the level of Sanchez and Bum ALONG with a top prospect or two. Oh yeah, and after you clean out the farm for him he gets to go sign with the Yankees and we get nothing but 2 draft picks.There are cheaper hitters that would help this offense that can play 1B and/or RF like Guillen, Hawpe, Berkman, etc… that would only take a few decent prospects to get.There’s a reason Dunn hasn’t been traded yet, the league realized how important pure power hitters are when all the juiced hitters are falling off and he’s one of the only guys with pop left. His price is in the clouds.

    • 55saveslives 5 years ago

      Doesn’t make sense for the Nats to keep Dunn. They are in last place and don’t plan on extending him….losing him for nothing is bad business. No we we give up Bumgarner for him.

      I haven’t heard the asking price for Bautista..if they are asking the same…just say NO.

      • Will32 5 years ago

        The Giants will trade Sanchez before they trade Bumgarner.

    • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

      Wheeler and Neal get it Dunn!

      • Will32 5 years ago

        Yea our two best prospects for a “B” player, who is also a pending free agent. Doesn’t sound like a good deal for us.

        • The_Thrill_22 5 years ago

          I’ll take 40 and 100 now and make it to the post season and try to resign Dunn in the winter over 2 prospects that won’t be around to help for another couple of years and may not put up numbers even close to what Dunn does year after year. Even if we don’t get Dunn resigned we get draft picks. We need to win now! We have the rotation to take us all the way if we can score runs for them.

  9. airohpue13 5 years ago

    Tigers are still interested in Bautista I guaransheed it.

  10. love_louseal 5 years ago

    If Sabean went after Lilly for prospects first, they could deal Sanchez + for Dunn or Bautista. The Nats want Bumgarner for Dunn straight up, but they could do Sanchez +. There should only be one untouchable at this point in the Giants minor league, Belt. They have a couple guys who can rake, but that kid is scary good. I’d like to avoid dealing Ford as well, but to get Lilly and Dunn/Bautista, I’d certainly be willing to part with him. Whomever the Giants intend to trade for has to be willing to sign an extension at current salary or be signed for at least another year for Sabean to make the move.

    • grant77 5 years ago

      Jonathan Sanchez wouldn’t make the Jays rotation as they have 5 equal or better starters. I don’t think they would be interested

      • love_louseal 5 years ago

        Litsch: 5.48 era, 15k to 13 bb in 42.2 innings
        Sanchez: 3.55 era, 126k to 61 bb in 121.2 innings
        Morrow is nearly identical in every stat except era (4.62) and Sanchez eats more innings per start. If giving up runs and getting knocked out of games early means being better, then yes, the Jays staff is better. Sanchez is a number 3 on that staff. The Giants are insanely deep at SP though and need to trade for a bat and a lefty RP.

  11. Sanchez might not even make the AAA rotation. The Jay are that deep in pitching. They need YOUNG controlable hitters at positions like first/3rd base that are major league ready.

  12. anyone saying that jonathan sanchez couldnt make the Jays rotation clearly hasnt seen him pitch

  13. anyone saying that jonathan sanchez couldnt make the Jays rotation clearly hasnt seen him pitch

  14. And anyone saying that he is a lock, clearly has no idea what the Blue Jays have in terms of pitching at the Big league level, as well as a couple of good ones at AAA and 3 or 4 more at the AA level. Sanchez at best is redundent. I know that they say you can never have enough pitching, but the Jays seriously have a glut, that will in all likelyhood be used in a year or 2 to build a powerhouse through trade.

    • Rix18 5 years ago

      Yeah you’re right a power lefty with a 3.5 ERA with 126k’s in 121 innings wouldn’t make your roster. He is only entering his 2nd year in arb. and already has a no hitter on his resume. You have a couple of OK guys and currently have guys in your MLB roster sporting almost a 5 ERA. You are an idiot if you think Sanchez wouldn’t make your MLB team being he would probably make every starting 5 in baseball. I’m not even a Giants fan and i realize that was a dumb comment.

  15. And anyone saying that he is a lock, clearly has no idea what the Blue Jays have in terms of pitching at the Big league level, as well as a couple of good ones at AAA and 3 or 4 more at the AA level. Sanchez at best is redundent. I know that they say you can never have enough pitching, but the Jays seriously have a glut, that will in all likelyhood be used in a year or 2 to build a powerhouse through trade.

  16. jctrock 5 years ago

    Giants need to make a move. Almost all players to be had are gone.

  17. Will_Clarks_Gauchos 5 years ago

    I smell a Jack Taschner reunion

  18. brian sayben is the worst gm ever in baseball history. he is smoking crack if he thinks that our current roster can win, it hurt us with the team playing like we have the last 2 weeks because now saybean has been caught in the matrix if he really believes that we can win with what we have now 5 starting pitchers in our rotation wont matter if we cant get to the playoffs for us to win .. jonathan sanchez isn’t a great pitcher we are making a mistake by not trading him now for a big bat while we can and he still has some value in him… we will never make the playoffs with renteria rowand ishikawa and burrell in our lineup renteria cant hit has horrible defense and range and a noodle arm how does dan uggla beat out a ground ball right to him? rowand sucks and burrell is doing what hes done best his whole career hit 240 wake up gaybean we need to get a big bat now ( dunn, bautista, berkman, fielder) and a new ss that isn’t a liability in the field im to the point where i would rather see emmanuel burriss called up to play ss he would be a huge improvement defensivley and speed wise even if he doesnt hit renteria isn;t hitting now…. i have been a giants fan for 30 yrs and am to the point that if we dont go out and get the bat we need to win i am going to quit spending 3 hours every day watching the games because we will fall short without adding any pieces…. fire brian gaybean ( how do u let ned colleti outbid you on the one player we could have had fairly cheap that would have helped us tremendously podsednik- his defense and speed woulda made a huge impact right off the bat…

    • Will_Clarks_Gauchos 5 years ago

      Jimmy, grammar, punctuation and syntax all count toward a cogent argument. You are smoking crack if you do not think so.

  19. jctrock 5 years ago

    Larry Baer the Giants President said by today or Saturday he could see a move made.

  20. In reply to Rix18 –

    And you sir need to learn to read, aaaannnnddd understand what you are reading.
    Maybe I need to lay it out for you-
    A) he is in the lightest hitting division in baseball
    B) I said he would be redundent not that he isnt a good pitcher
    C) Why would the Jays need Sanchez, when they have guys on the roster who project to be as good or better in the toughest hitting division is baseball (Morrow, Rzep, Cecil, Romero, Marcum) as well as a few kids on the farm.
    D) They are looking for hitting not more pitching. I think they have the market cornered on that one.

    Need more examples of the sheer idiocy of Sanchez alone coming to Toronto in any trade? I dont see AA doing it for another pitcher> he’s working on guys like Montero and Kelly. SF has a young stud or 2 fielder that could fit… No need for Sanchez…

  21. Ooops forgot to mention Litsch. He’s been fantastic after those first couple of starts returning from Tommy John carrying a shutout into the 6th or 7th on 5 different occasions.

  22. Rix18 5 years ago

    “Sanchez might not even make the AAA rotation”……. This is what you said and this is what I responded to. Where did I say you guys needed to trade for him or that you needed him. I was making fun of a dumb comment saying a pitcher who is better than people they have on their current MLB roster wouldn’t make their AAA club roster.

  23. Dude, seriously… do you know the difference between sarcasm and a statement of fact?
    Statement of fact is that it takes someone special to pitch well in the AL east. nothing done in the NL west impresses me to the point that I would say Sanchez is clearly better than any one of the pitchers we already have.

    Oh and those 5+ era’s? Only Litsch has one in the starting five and that came from 2 of his first 3 starts post Tommy John surgery being killed by a couple of top hitting clubs. In his last 4 starts he is hovering around 4.2 era and in his last 2 its at a 2.45 era. I’ll take that any day of the week. Not to mention the pre surgery in 07 and 08 he has era’s of 3.81 and 3.58 respectivly. Sanchez 28 y/o=not needed.

    Marcum 28y/o – 3.36 in 19 starts
    Romero 26 y/o- 3.46 in 21 starts
    Cecil 24y/o- 3.89 in 17 starts
    Morrow 25 y/o- 4.62 in 20 starts (3.03 in his last 9 starts)
    Litsch 25 y/o- 5.48 in 8 starts

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