Odds & Ends: Red Sox, Marlins, Berry, Carroll, Pujols

Links for Wednesday, on an eerily quiet day for baseball fans…

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  1. Hank Hill 5 years ago

    I’d like to see Carroll stay in LA, with his versatility, veteran presense and what not

    • dire straits 5 years ago

      haha hank hill!

      I agree with you, his presence has been surprisingly invaluable.

  2. rayking 5 years ago

    Overbay > D. Lee, and I wouldn’t think that Overbay would cost much more. D. Lee may be willing to waive his no trade clause, but it remains to be seen if there is anyone wanting his services.

  3. Tigerfan93 5 years ago

    If Florida makes Hanley available, who becomes the front runner to get him?

    • fishfan4life 5 years ago

      My guess would be any team that needs a SS…..

    • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

      SD would be an interesting destination. They have a need and have good young pitching.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Except they (SD) are still very high on Everth Cabrera (despite) his lack of production and injuries that have obviously hindered his play thus far. I do not believe the Padres will make a big splash at SS. Cabbie is the future for the Padres.

        Not that I would not be thrilled to see Hanley but I don’t think the Padres want to abort the plan that has them in 1st place despite much run production. The Padres are building their team around pitching and defense. However, if they are going to give up their top-tier pitching prospects it would have to be a player of Hanley’s caliber, give or take. LOL

        Interesting yes, likely… probably not.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      I think Boston would like to have him back.

      • Philip Marlowe 5 years ago

        First of all, John Milton does rock. Second of all, Marco Scutaro would be out of a job, then. He’s getting paid too much to sit on Boston’s bench. Where do you think he goes?

        • CaptainCharisma 5 years ago

          Supersub… when it comes to obtaining elite talent, Marco Scutaro wouldn’t be a roadblock if it meant getting the best shortstop in baseball back.

        • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

          The A’s wanted him when he was a free agent, start there.

          I wonder if the Red Sox ever checked in with Colorado about grabbing an outfielder. They have an assembly that makes them; they regularly sit good talent.

        • jwredsox 5 years ago

          Well let’s be honest, if the Sox could acquire Hanley they wouldn’t care what they do with Scutaro because they will have Hanley at that point. That would be a problem to deal with after.

    • BentoBox 5 years ago

      Yankees get him then Jeter goes Boston as their SS. Just kidding.

      Rays because they have so many prospects they can trade.

  4. BlueCatuli 5 years ago

    SD would be an interesting destination. They have a need and have good young pitching. What would Florida want in return?

  5. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    Idk exactly, but it would have to be a hell of an offer.

  6. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    San Diego wouldn’t take on Hanley’s contract. They’ve had so many money problems- look at what a cheap deal they signed A-Gonz to and look what happened to their big extensions like Peavy-gone with the wind. There’s no way they pay Hanley Ramirez $61 million over 4 1/2 seasons. They just won’t do it.

  7. bomberj11 5 years ago

    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I can see the article below this one, but then it’s just a white screen.

  8. cardsfan1988 5 years ago

    I see everyones point on the Red Sox going after Hanley (if made available) but I really think that the Cardinals could become a buyer if that possibility opens up. They need another batter that hits for power, plus they need someone that hits for average…Ryan just isnt cutting it. Not to mention last week, the Cards front office mentioned that they had payroll flexibility to take on a larger contract.

  9. Wrek305 5 years ago

    Please trade Lee to the Angels… they aren’t going to win the AL west anyway.. Lee to Anaheim for a minor league player who will never make it to “the Show” and maybe a PTBNL or cash Throw in Ramirez and make it a 3 way trade.. Ramirez to Seattle for a minor league player… Cubs can easily afford to play all his remaining contract or both as long as they are both gone so Fontenot can take his rightful spot at 3rd and Lee and Ramirez will never hit 3 and 4 again

  10. BentoBox 5 years ago

    Really, are you high ? You don’t think Pujols is worth that much ?

  11. Muggi 5 years ago

    Yep, good pickup by the Pads. Berry’s tools are obvious, but he just never “clicked” in the Phils’ farm system. A good reclamation project

  12. dire straits 5 years ago

    Whoa dude, lay off the pipe.

  13. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    I think that too. They never really wanted to trade him, but they needed Beckett at the time. That part worked out well for them then, but left a black hole at shortstop ever since. It would have to be an offer the Marlins couldn’t refuse.

  14. dire straits 5 years ago

    Guess I couldn’t understand your sarcasm after the second post. Hindsight, I guess.

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