Odds & Ends: Zambrano, Millwood, Orioles, Ausmus

Let's check out some tidbits from around the web on this Fourth Of July eve..

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  1. wintwins 5 years ago

    well Ausmus better get ready to call it a career

  2. Smileybush 5 years ago

    Big Zero for Rowland makes no sense. Cubs already have too many overpriced OFs – they have no room for Rowland. And with the good young core of pitchers that the Giants have, why would they want to expose them to a head case like Z? I agree that a change of scenery makes the most sense for Zero, he could regain his form in the right situation (no-nonsense organization/manager/team leaders – like NYY, StL) – but this aint it.

    • slr5607 5 years ago

      I don’t know. I like the idea of trading Rowand for Zambrano. The big reason behind this is that this gives the Giants an experienced Starting Pitcher for the end of the rotation and it also gives them the ability to deal another Starting Pitcher for a bat if needed. Also, getting rid of Rowand will not allow Bochy to start him over the other players that deserve to be playing more often (Torres, Burrell, Schierholtz). If this allowed the Giants to go after a big bat because of the depth in this years starting rotation, I say go for it, especially since the Cubs will be paying for all of the salary difference.

      • Smileybush 5 years ago

        Why would the Cubs trade for an OF when they already have 5 that they are trying to give playing time to? It is not like Tommy Boy can just trade Sorryano or Fukudome with the contracts (and NTC) he gave them. Besides, the Giants already have an experienced SP – Zito. The Cubs need to hope a team like the RedSox lose a pitcher to injury and are willing to take on the high risk/reward that Big Zero brings.

      • davewpeterson 5 years ago

        SF would end up with a slightly more versatile option than the Cubs who already have more OF than they know what to do with. The only reason this deal is being discussed is to generate news interest.

  3. frank_costanza 5 years ago

    lets trade a clubhouse leader for a morale killing hot head

  4. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    Clubhouse leader? Who cares if you suck at baseball? Big Z is worthless too so it actually makes sense except I want no part of the offensively challenged Rowand whose overrated defensive rep is based largely on running into walls.

    • ugen64 5 years ago

      rowand’s not “overrated” because nobody considers him an elite defender, and hasn’t since he was in Philly. his reputation before he went to Philly was well-justified – 4 straight years with a UZR/150 above 10, including one year where it was at 25 (that’s Franklin Gutierrez territory). if you want to talk about overrated, how about Torii Hunter: 0.1 UZR/150 since 2002 and 7 Gold Gloves in that timespan.

  5. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    “It will be interesting to see what Eric Wedge does if he’s offered the O’s job”

    Um…how about, “where do I sign”?

  6. jayrig5 5 years ago

    Wow, the Cubs getting Rowand would make no sense at all. Unless the Giants were willing to take Fukudome in the deal. In that case, it would be a great deal for the Cubs, and awful for the Giants. But, there’s no way that would happen.

  7. Zambrano for Rowand makes sense, if you’re the Giants. Say what you want about Zambrano being a head case and all but it says something about him and his talent that he makes “sense” for so many teams to trade for. Every team with a bad contract probably wishes they could take him off the Cubs hands right now.

    • 55saveslives 5 years ago

      You guys are crazy if you think it’s a good deal for the Giants!

      Zambrano is owed 10:$17.875M, 11:$17.875M, 12:$18M, 13:$19.25M vesting player option

      Rowand is owed 10:$12M, 11:$12M, 12:$12M

      So the Giants should also take Fuk’s???? 10:$13M, 11:$13.5M


      • jayrig5 5 years ago

        No, they shouldn’t, but the Cubs can get way better value than Rowand for Zambrano. Piniella already struggles to give 5 OF’s playing time. The last thing they need is another over-priced veteran.

        This whole speculation is just dumb, nothing like this would ever happen, and the writer in question must have been bored out of his mind or something.

        • 55saveslives 5 years ago

          You are right….Schulman is a dumbass! Total defender of Brian Sabean

      • Wilsonl 5 years ago

        Zambrano 3-6 5.66 ERA..

      • Wilsonl 5 years ago

        Zambrano 3-6 5.66 ERA..

    • BillB325 5 years ago

      As long as the Cubs trade Nady to like the Braves or someone first.

  8. 55saveslives 5 years ago

    Giants would be better off eating the 24 mill and DFAing Rowand

  9. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Only if the Cubbies kick in the Gatorade machine so Z will take his frustrations out on it.

  10. glberns 5 years ago

    Yes, Zambrano for Rowand, cuz the problem with the Cubs is a lack of outfielders.


  11. Flharfh 5 years ago

    Any team in MLB would be crazy to take Zambrano, not only is he an overpaid under performer, he is a clubhouse psychopath.

  12. baseball52 5 years ago

    Because we need more outfielders…

  13. xcal1br 5 years ago

    Z might be a head case, but the man is talented, and don’t forget he’s quite young. Rowand is old, never was talented and is a surplus the Cubs do not need. There is much better to be had out there. If Jim can get the new owners to pony up some cash to go along with the trade, there will be a new star pitcher on some other squad.

    Please do not ship him to the red birds. While that coaching staff is exactly what he needs to turn his career around, it would be an absolute nightmare to have to face him with a chip on his shoulder.

    • Smileybush 5 years ago

      Don’t forget Z saying how much he loves Molina . . . You put Z in under no nonsense guys like LaRussa and Duncan, who are backed up by no nonsense players like Pujols, Carpenter, Wainwright, Molina – and it would not surprise me to see him regain his dominating form. And just think how many HRs he would hit off of Cub pitching.

  14. verlander 5 years ago

    I loved Brad Ausmus when he was with the Tigers but . . . isn’t he, like, 50 years old now? Hope he’s able to come back and be effective. I won’t be surprised if he isn’t, though.

  15. Z for Rowand would make sense if the cubs did not already have a log jam in the outfield.

  16. touchmymonkey 5 years ago

    Cubs adding an OF’er makes no sense at all. Someone will take Zambrano but because of his no trade clause it will have to be a team in the hunt which makes it much more difficult. Zambrano/byrd for Beltran and perez – maybe cubs toss in some $$ to make up for some of the difference in salary ( although mets would be saving money in ’11 – just they would have to pay big Z in ’12). I like Byrd but having Beltran in a contract year could be great. Mets get a starting pitcher that is better than perez and a CF’er who is not Beltran but still solid. Cubs get salary relief 1year early. Not ideal but not super wacky like Zambrano for Rowand

  17. avschamps 5 years ago

    Zambrano for Rowand? Seriously??? That may makes sense for SF, but not the Cubs. They have 5 OF now and can’t find places to play them, they can’t add another one.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Yeah, I would agree. Colvin is the way to go for the Cubs, not some washed up 33 year old.

  18. petrie000 5 years ago

    that’s a worse trade proposal than the guy from SF. Cubs already have a logjam at pitching plus 3 kids in the Minors almost ready for call up… so go out and get maybe the worst starting pitcher in baseball?The cubs can’t find enough playing time for all their outfielders… so trade one of the best ones for an average centerfielder?Zambrano does have trade value. He’s only 29 and he’s won 18 games twice so there’s undeniable talent there. if the Cubs are willing to eat some of the salary they could get some pretty decent prospects in return.or they can take an over-the-hill overpaid outfielder they’ve got no room for… ‘cuz they feel charitable, or something…

  19. painhertz 5 years ago

    I’ll keep Z. Rather have a pitcher that can throw a no-hitter than a outfielder that IS a no hitter.

  20. Lincecum 5 years ago

    Carlos Zambrano and Starlin Castro to SF for Aaron Rowand and Matt Cain during the offseason. Good deal for Giants as they get a young promising shortstop (who could switch over to 2nd base after Crawford comes up) and a back-of-the-rotation wash-up in Zambrano. Although Cain has the potential to become a superstar, the Giants greatly struggle to back his strong outings as his W-L record indicates this year. Deal also makes sense for the cubs since they get a young ace in Matt Cain and another outfielder which would enable someone in their logjam to convert to 1B once Derrek Lee leaves this offseason.

  21. touchmymonkey 5 years ago

    I don’t think Zambrano is going to pitch for the cubs again – if thats the case has to be traded or dropped. To be traded we still might have to eat tons of cash and most likely not get much back. I understand beltran is injury prone and Perez is a head case as well but I was looking at it as better than just eating the contract. We could pay Zambrano $35mil over 2 years to not pitch or Pay Beltran $18 mil and Perez $15 mil with the thought of them possibly contributing. I don’t think theres a chance of Mets taking Z’s contract without dumping Perez on us. I threw Byrd in there because Mets would want an OF in return and would most likely only want Byrd or Colvin and we would have to make room for Beltran. Plus if Beltran is hurt theres no logjam in the OF – if he plays for his next contract we might get the old Beltran which at the very least is easily tradeable at next years deadline. I still think slightly less wacky than trading a pitcher to a team with a glut of starting pitchers for an OF’er when we have a glut of OF’ers.

  22. petrie000 5 years ago

    only the Mets would think that deals makes sense… and only ‘cuz Minaya’s got a mancrush on Oliver Perez.

    You’re effectively talking about unloading either one good veteran outfielder or one promising young one for Beltran’s really, really terrible contract. If we’re gonna unload one financial brick around our necks in Zambrano, getting two back and losing a top prospect makes no sense even for baseball economics

  23. touchmymonkey 5 years ago

    we could try for the Zambrano for perez ( bad 2 yr contract for bad 1 yr contract) and hope that change of scenery makes perez pitch better but Figured mets would want money to make it even – if thats the case I would rather just cut Zambrano. If mets would take Z’s whole contract then having perez for a year to save $$ in 2012 is worthwhile. Beltrans contract is bad but expires after 2011 so it would be basically paying same amount of Z’s contract but in 1 yr rather than two with the outside chance of someone turning it around in contract year ( which Beltran has history of). Was just a thought – not the best I admit but hard to match money and needs because of the NTC – otherwise just ship his ass to Balt for roberts

  24. petrie000 5 years ago

    we’re out money no matter how we look at it, so swapping bad contracts is really kinda’ pointless. Zambrano for Perez is trading a headcase with a no-hitter to his name for a headcase who can’t throw a ball over home plate.

    Personally i’d rather eat some money and get something that might actually be useful instead, even it’s several years down the line. I said it before, that Zambrano’s worth good prospects to somebody if the Cubs don’t panic and just give him away.

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