Ordonez Out 6-8 Weeks, Option Will Not Vest

Tigers slugger Magglio Ordonez will be out for 6-8 weeks with a broken right ankle, according to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse (via Twitter).  The injury could prove to be costly for Ordonez as he needs 540 plate appearances or 135 starts in order for his 2011 option to vest.

Currently, the 36-year-old has 363 plate appearances and has started just 71 games.  Based on the current prognosis, Ordonez could only hope to return to action in the first week of September.

Had his 2011 option with Detroit vested, Ordonez would have earned $15MM.  This season, Ordonez has a slash line of .301/.375/.472 with 12 homers.

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  1. Jose Bautista makes sense for the Tigers. He can play 3B when Ordonez gets back.

  2. Abraham Zapruder 5 years ago

    lucky break for Detroit, literally.

    • airohpue13 5 years ago

      I wouldn’t call it lucky. With Ordonez and Guillen getting hurt tonight, the tigers have to be seriously considering renaming their team the mudhens. I don’t see how they can possibly make enough moves now to be able to contend.

      • soxin10 5 years ago

        The Tigers can remain contenders. The red sox have been without their lead off hitter (Ellsbury), number 2 (Pedroia), and number 3 hitters (V-Mart), Center Fielder Cameron has been at half health all year, No major league catchers on the roster, plus the Ace (Beckett is just getting back as is 10 game winner Bucholz. All in all I think the Sox had about a dozen guys on the 25 on the DL.

        Sox are starting to fail, but they held it together for a long time. Tigers can do the same.

    • verlander 5 years ago


      The Tigers just lost one of their better hitters for at least six weeks.

    • slap1328 5 years ago


  3. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    tigers become sellers? or maybe they try to acquire bautista.

    • airohpue13 5 years ago

      If the tigers were going to become sellers Ordonez would have been the main piece I could have seen them parting with. That coupled with the message it sends to the fans with the team giving up while still in the rac, will stop them from becoming sellers.

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        idk i doubt ordonez would have been moved because he has a ton of money coming his way(damn you boras) and not exactly the best defender.

        also doesn’t he have a NTC? or a PNTC?

        • airohpue13 5 years ago

          I think he does have an NTC, anyway the point is moot now.

    • verlander 5 years ago

      I think it would be ridiculous for the Tigers to become sellers.

      • tigers22 5 years ago

        I agree. We don’t even have anything to sell off. They aren’t going to trade Miggy, Boesch, Ajax, JV, Scherzer, or Valverde. Guys like Bondo or Damon would have very little trade value anyways.

        They’re still close enough in the division not to sell pieces off. Last night was a huge blow though, which will probably make the Tigers stand pat. That had a bunch of holes to fill before 2 starters went down last night. Now giving up parts of the future for one guy this year at the deadline wouldn’t make any sense.

        • verlander 5 years ago

          //Last night was a huge blow though, which will probably make the Tigers stand pat.//

          I don’t necessarily agree. Remember, this is Ilitch we’re talking about.

          And I will continue to harp on Dan Haren until the cows come home.

  4. Vivid_Reality 5 years ago

    Lilly, Fukudome/Byrd, and Theriot to Detroit. Lets go Hendry.

    • Jeff Westcott 5 years ago

      Dombrowski is dumb. But he’s not that dumb.

    • Vivid_Reality 5 years ago

      A man can dream, but in all seriousness, never gonna happen.

  5. shockey12 5 years ago

    Crosby + turner + low level prspects for buck+ bautista?

    • airohpue13 5 years ago

      Not a chance would the tigers do that one. They don’t even want to part with turner for haren.

      • shockey12 5 years ago

        So far this season Haren hasn’t been that good. A 4.5 era is not exactly impressive. That probably is asking too much but what if they included Downs?

        • airohpue13 5 years ago

          Crosby is injured anyway so he’s not going anywhere.

    • verlander 5 years ago

      Crosby is out for the season.

    • tigers22 5 years ago


  6. dizzle4 5 years ago

    Bautista really makes perfect sense. Tigers have been said to be interested in some Jays relievers too, so maybe something there can work out.

  7. EpiphanyinBaltimore 5 years ago

    Turner will not be going in any deal for a Bautista. You’d need a piece like Haren to get that done (and the Tigers are reluctant to part with Turner for even him).

  8. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Take Frenchy off of the Mets hands for absolutely nothing, he should help out some for a month and at least can play good defense in RF, plus Mets happy to get someone to pay the remaining 5M owed for this year. Can always non tender him when the year is over so not to be stuck with having to pay him more next year, or find somebody cheaper.

  9. wolverine119 5 years ago

    article said 11 million… is there a 4 million $ buyout?? b/c that vesting option is for 15 mil… if the buyout is 4 millioin det. will prolly pick up the option.. not the right bussiness move.. but they will do it for PR purposes

    • $1519287 5 years ago

      From Cots,

      Magglio Ordonez of
      5 years/$75M (2005-09), plus 2010 & 2011 club options
      signed by Detroit as a free agent 2/05
      $6M signing bonus (due 11/05, not guaranteed)
      05:$6M, 06:$15M, 07:$12M, 08:$15M, 09:$18M, 10:$18M club option ($3M buyout), 11:$15M club option (no buyout)

  10. mistermonkey 5 years ago

    This really sucks for this year — although it does give them even more flexibility for 2011. Still, they can contend in 2010. Sure, the Tigers definitely need some lumber now (and they already did). But I will say that they don’t really need a strict OF, because they have Damon/Jackson/Boesch/Raburn already. What they need is a utility guy. Sucks that Callaspo went to the Angels — he would have been a really good fit. You could have put him at 3B, pushed Guillen to DH, and then just hoped for the best with Sizemore at 2B. So really, if they can just acquire a 3B who can replace Ordonez’s output, they should still be fine. Bautista would be a great fit, and I’d even see what it might take to get Figgins from Seattle after last night’s meltdown.

  11. It’s a $15MM option in 2011.

  12. Tigerfan93 5 years ago

    Welcome to Detroit, Mr. Strieby.

    • airohpue13 5 years ago

      Mr. Frazier is my guess.

      • verlander 5 years ago

        Nope. They’ve already announced the moves. Larish and Rhymes.

        I think this means Boesch will play RF full-time now.

        • airohpue13 5 years ago

          More Raburn in the outfield….son of a…

          • verlander 5 years ago

            Probably some combo of Raburn/Damon. 😐

  13. rbeezy 5 years ago

    good bye haren , you will see damon rumors by the end of the weekend. the tigers are done. too many holes to fill. they can come back in 2011 and be strong but they have to give up 2010.

    • verlander 5 years ago

      //the tigers are done.

      they have to give up 2010.//

      No they don’t.

      They’re still just 2.5 games out in a division where no one else seems to want to win. They may stay in it just by virtue of that.

  14. Motor_City_Bombshell 5 years ago

    Could this mean the Tigers aggressively pursue Jayson Werth in the offseason? Or do they try and bring back Ordonez for a reduced price? This calls for an even more interesting offseason for the Tigers next winter and it was already an interesting one. It’s also an extremely big blow for the Tigers this year, but I can’t see them becoming sellers after they’ve been in a buying position all season. Although at this point I could see them going after someone who is a rental now, and if they’re type-A or type-B, offer them the arbitration and take that risk and then take the draft picks, because they’ll have the salary to risk it. It’s going to be an interesting few months, that’s for sure.

    • verlander 5 years ago

      Buster Olney just said the Tigers had scouts in Philly watching Jayson Werth and could pick up JosĂ© GuillĂ©n if they assumed his contract (this seems to be speculation on Olney’s part). He said Dombrowski hasn’t thought about moves to replace Ordoñez yet.

      • Tigerfan93 5 years ago

        I hope Ryan Strieby comes up from Toledo.

        • verlander 5 years ago

          It won’t be Streiby. It’ll be Larish and Rhymes (for GuillĂ©n).

          I mean, at least right now it won’t be Streiby.

          • airohpue13 5 years ago

            What about Frazier? He has been the tigers best hitter in AAA all year.

          • verlander 5 years ago

            I assume it’s Larish because he is a left-handed power hitting third baseman.

          • airohpue13 5 years ago

            Just looked at frazier’s stats again. His on base percentage may have factored in. It’s only .318.

          • verlander 5 years ago

            Yeah . . . That might’ve played into the decision too (Larish’s OBP is .373, FTR).

    • Tigerfan93 5 years ago

      If they go after any outfielder (which may not happen due to in house talent) I would like to see them go after Carl Crawford. Werth is okay, but not great. Crawford can hit, run, and field.

      • tigers22 5 years ago

        I would LOVE to see them get Weth. An outfield of Werth, Boesch, and Ajax would be sick

  15. verlander 5 years ago

    Just announced on Jason Beck’s blog:

    Tigers are recalling Jeff Larish and Will Rhymes for Ordoñez and Carlos GuillĂ©n. They’ll have to drop a couple players from the 40-man roster to bring them up.

    • Motor_City_Bombshell 5 years ago

      Interesting moves, I hope Larish is ready to hit in the big leagues this time around.

  16. jeez, the injuries are starting to really add up.
    am I missing anyone? It’s hard to win a championship without those core players. Especially Zumaya and Ordonez..

  17. lug 5 years ago

    Man the AL Central is losing a player a day.

    • verlander 5 years ago

      Right now, I have:

      Minnesota – Morneau and Hudson
      White Sox – Peavy
      Tigers – Zumaya, Inge, Ordoñez and GuillĂ©n.
      Royals – DeJesus
      Indians – Sizemore

      Am I missing anyone?

  18. Abraham Zapruder 5 years ago

    yes, 2011 money.

  19. bobbybaseball 5 years ago

    Why is $11M considered a lot for a player who is hitting like Ordonez? I doubt you will get him cheaper than that on the open market, unless his injury plays into it.

  20. bjsguess 5 years ago

    If someone pays Maggs $11m next year they should be shot.

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