Orioles May Be Done Dealing

The Orioles shipped Miguel Tejada out of town yesterday, and they might be done dealing according to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun.  Connolly doesn't anticipate more trades, but he ranks the Orioles most likely to go: Ty Wigginton, Will Ohman, and Luke Scott.

The Orioles lost a suitor for Wigginton when the Rangers acquired Jorge Cantu, and they like Wiggy's instruction of young players.  Connolly says to forget about starter Jeremy Guthrie being dealt – he's been told it's a near impossibility and that the O's would have to be blown away.

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7 Comments on "Orioles May Be Done Dealing"

5 years 30 days ago

dont want to trade too many of your superstars… you still might have a chance at that 50 win plateau.

5 years 30 days ago


5 years 30 days ago

what would be the price of someone like Brian Roberts? in the offseason that is.

5 years 29 days ago

depends how well he plays this year, and how good the team looks over the course of the season. if, say, Showalter finishes the year with a winning record (under him I mean), that’ll change how we approach the offseason compared to if he finishes with a .300 winning percentage.

but speaking of Roberts, I still laugh at the memory of Cubs fans talking about how Pie + Gallagher + Hill (or whatever the exact trade was) was a massive overpay for Roberts. how’s that working out for you Cubs fans?

5 years 30 days ago

Luke Scott would help a lot of teams. It doesn’t make sense why they continue to hold onto him when they aren’t in a position to compete.

5 years 30 days ago

I dont understand the Orioles are not as bad of a team as their record is, as a Sox fan they look like there is no energy or fire on that team. Showalter is a good manager for this team.

5 years 30 days ago

I agree that Guthrie is untradable now.

The main problem is that for a contending team Guthrie is a mediocre but underrated pitcher with excellent stuff. They see him as a player who can be even better on their team, at a relatively low price. For the Orioles, he’s the closest thing to a dependable majorleague starter. Everyone else has promise but a lot of ups and downs. If they trade him, they lose his innings, probably burn out an already overworked pen, and maybe threaten their young arms to suffer the same fate.