Pirates Release Brendan Donnelly

THURSDAY: The Pirates have released Donnelly, tweets MLB.com's Jenifer Langosch.  Perhaps he'll finish strong with a new club, as he did last year.

SUNDAY: The Pirates have designated veteran reliever Brendan Donnelly for assignment, according to the team's official Twitter feed.

Donnelly, 38, signed a one-year deal worth $1.35MM back in January following a strong 2009 with the Marlins. The right-hander struggled tremendously in Pittsburgh, with a 5.58 ERA and nearly as many walks (25) as strikeouts (26) through 30.2 innings of work.

Opponents did hit just .234 against him, but the walks, in combination with allowing six home runs, were what did him in.

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  1. BeatEmBucs 5 years ago

    More interesting part of the link is that they optioned Lincoln back to AAA.

    Not sure who is coming up. At least for Donnelly’s spot maybe Wil Ledezma? Not the best track record at the major league level, but has been very good at AAA all year outside of a fairly high walk number.

  2. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    Kind of surprising, but I’m glad. Stincoln needs to go back to the minors, he just can’t finish anyone off. Maybe Danny Moskos will come up. Eveland or McCutchen will probably be coming back up.

    • jb1996 5 years ago

      Eveland missed his last start yesterday so he probaly won’t be it! McCutchen will probaly make th start

  3. jeffmaz 5 years ago

    After watching the Padres sweep the Pirates – I feel sorry for their pitchers. The Pirates defense is the worst – they don’t even try anymore. The same can be said for their bats, but defense can keep you in games.

  4. FishFanForever 5 years ago

    I think it is kinda funny how everyone says the Marlins FO has no idea of what they are doing… People criticized the Fish for not resigning Donnelly or Kiko Calero – people were outraged saying the club is too cheap (which they are) but that the team would not have as many issues with the bullpen this year if we would have signed these two relievers, instead of letting them walk…
    I knew the team saw something they did not like in going forward with Donnelly & Calero… And this move shows the Fish did know what they were doing… I believe last year both Donnelly & Calero threw career highs in innings – and the Fish probably thought they would have a down year because of their effective, yet over-use… Hence is why Donnelly was just cut after yielding a 5.58 ERA and Calero has been mainly a minor leaguer this year, with two separate teams, showcasing a 7.03 ERA…
    While I’m commenting about the Pirates, I bet you Bucs fans are extremely happy that the team sold Hayden Penn to a Japanese team… I know how you guys feel – the Fish had him on our roster for over a year and he just sucked! We outrighted him to the minors late last year and then we added him to our 40-man before spring training and – long story short (plus a whole bunch of curse words later) I was dancing when I read the Bucs claimed him off waivers from us… All I know is I hope to never hear of him pitching in the States every again… Go Fish!!!

  5. Fangaffes 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Red Sox try to sign him to a ML contract to work out his control issues at Pawtucket. God knows they need bullpen help.

  6. Lets_Go_Red_Sox 5 years ago

    phuck I hope not, he was garbage the last time he was here, but ya anyone outside bard and Pap can be and should be upgraded upon, if we had a solid pen we would be probably 2 gms out max, they have blown so many games and leads, our season is looking bleaker and bleaker, sigh………………….

    • 0bsessions 5 years ago

      Garbage? He was a hurt a good chunk of the time, but he was entirely serviceable when he was out there.

      • Lets_Go_Red_Sox 5 years ago

        Ummm no wanna check his numbers before he got hurt, he was garbage,
        he’s an nl pitcher at this point, no one watches his ridiculous
        delivery, just the release point, 88 mph fastballs in the al =

  7. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    Walking the bases loaded with n outs will sometimes lead to this…lol,
    Imagine if no one ever picks him up his last game he walked every batter he faced and that was it.

  8. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Donkey was garbage because his forearm (about to need TJ surgery) was going out and eventually needed the surgery, then after he had it while in a Sox uniform, they just let him go after the season was over. Donkey just never regained his ways as an 8th inning guy from before he had with Anaheim, except for that 2 months with the Fish in 2009 and even then, his FB was WAY down.. like 87-88mph.

    I was hoping the Fish would resign the guy tho, he was getting by on grit and that nasty sinker/slider of his that must have disappeared of his this year. Maybe someone with a good coaching staff can work with him and get his issues worked out, have not watched or read much about him this year to see if there is mechanical, or health issues involved.

  9. jeffmcduffie 5 years ago

    The new PED-free version of Brendan Donnelly sucks. He belongs in the independent league with Kip Wells.

  10. jeffmcduffie 5 years ago

    The new PED-free version of Brendan Donnelly sucks. He belongs in the independent league with Kip Wells.

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