Poll: Which Team Will Acquire Cliff Lee

We asked this a month ago, but given everything that has happened today, I'd say this question is worth asking a second time. It's a simple one:

Which team will acquire Cliff Lee?

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  1. Rich G 5 years ago

    Yankees will go all out for him I’m sure.

  2. Twins or Rangers, only. the rays/yanks/andphilips are outing.

  3. Rangers: Smoak, Holland + Teagarden

  4. Got to be the Rangers. My guess is they came back to the Mariners willing to include Smoak once they saw how close the deal with the Yankees was.

  5. towney007 5 years ago

    Rangers get him for sure. They’ve got the prospects to burn and the incentive to get him. The Yankees can wait for free agency. Plus, I think the Rangers, flat out, can put together a far, far, better package of prospects that could have an impact sooner than the Yankees can. Simple as that.

    Don’t count out the Twins, but the Rangers seem to have the chips to play.

  6. my guess is to the Rangers

  7. Wrek305 5 years ago

    it Should be the Twins or Rangers.. or no one.. who ever does get him I just hope and prey they give him some kind of extension so he doesn’t ruin his career with the Yankees.

  8. 100 bucks says its texas!

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