Rosenthal On Fielder, Padres, Rockies

Let's see what Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has for us in his latest installment of Full Count..

  • White Sox GM Ken Williams is said to be confident about landing either Prince Fielder or Adam Dunn.  Williams continues to talk to the Brewers about Fielder but there doesn't seem to be a match as they seek pitching in return.  Meanwhile, the Nats have told everyone that they'll need to be overwhelmed by an offer to move Dunn.  If the White Sox strike out on the two big-time left-handed sluggers, they're unlikely to reach for a player such as Russell Branyan or Brad Hawpe.  Instead, they'll look to go small and try to improve their bullpen and bench.
  • The Padres are now more focused on offense than pitching, but don't expect them to make a big splash.  The club expects pitchers such as Jake Westbrook to clear waivers rather easily in August.  Ultimately, they're likely to make two or three small acquisitions, bringing in guys that won't cost a lot but will help their squad contend.
  • The Rockies are looking for a right-handed hitting first baseman in Todd Helton's absence.  Jorge Cantu was a possibility but his price was high to begin with and now the Marlins appear to be back in contention.  Ty Wigginton also appears to be out of reach as the O's want a young shortstop in return.  Colorado made an inquiry on Jayson Werth but the Phillies are telling teams that they won't deal him unless they get a major league-ready starter.

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  1. $1529282 5 years ago

    If the White Sox are really looking for a DH threat, why don’t they go after Jack Cust? I was surprised they didn’t work something out when he got DFA’ed prior to the season.

    He’s not hitting as many HRs this year, but a .400 OBP and .477 slugging percentage certainly aren’t numbers to scoff at either — especially not when you’re DH’ing Mark Kotsay.

    I doubt he’d cost an overwhelming amount from Oakland, and he’d be a big offensive upgrade in that spot. Hitting at the Cell sure wouldn’t hurt either.

    Granted, I hope they just stick with Kotsay and don’t add another legit threat, but I don’t understand why Cust isn’t at least a fallback option if they miss out on their high profile targets.

    • Soxman17 5 years ago

      I think the feeling here is that they are going to go after a big bat, or nothing. In other words, they’d rather stick with the chemistry they currently have than just pick up a lefty bat for the sake of picking up a bat. I’m not a huge Kotsay guy either, but don’t forget that the only move they made in ’05 was Geoff Blum. And their big lefty bat was….Carl Everett.

  2. I don’t know where he would play this season (maybe at DH) and in the next one, as the DH spot is likely to rotate between Posada, Jeter, Rodríguez etc… but i would LOVE to have Dunn playing for the Yankees!

  3. jlbroxfan3 5 years ago

    Chacin for Werth?

  4. jlbroxfan3 5 years ago

    Vasquez for Werth doesnt work. Phillies want to dump his salary and get a prospect

    • aap212 5 years ago

      At least half the things he suggested don’t work.

  5. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

    Maaaaaaan…..I really hope this isn’t true about the Padres, that’s the same ol’
    Kevin Towers way of doing things. I really thought and hope that Hoyer would man up
    and go after a big bat to help us stay and maintain 1st place. Picking up cast aways is
    not the thing to do here. We have a real shot at winning the west, trade a couple prospects and take on a few million!

    • AirmanSD 5 years ago

      This transition is still ongoing. They have room in the payroll to add some dollars, think in the range of 4-5 million. But they are not going to be paying the prices other teams want for a big bat. It doesn’t make any long term sense for them to do so. They Padres have gotten where they are by playing the young guys and letting them mature, and they are not going to trade some of the upper tier prospects at this stage. Teams that the padres have talked to wanted Castro, Sampson, Cumberland ect, thats the kind of players the Padres want to build around.

      • sportsnut969 5 years ago

        Castro is the main piece being offered to Clevelsnd by the Padres for Westbrook according to sources within the indians organization, but the Padres wanted the Indians to eat all of Westrooks monies for the rest of the season. The Indians are said to want Castro + Cumberland min to do that type of a deal.

        • This is a joke right? There is no way in hell that the Padres would trade Castro and Cumberland for Westbrook, even if the Indians picked up salary. The Padres could get Haren for Castro, Cumberland and a reliever or 2

  6. Guest 5 years ago


    1. Podsednick
    2. Tejeda
    3. possibly a waiver wire pick up, maybe Westbrook

    • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

      seems like logical low risk low cost moves. Ii think the Podsednik is contingent on production from either Cunningham or even Durango

      • Guest 5 years ago

        I could just see the Padres (FO) “selling” Podsedick to the fans, like he would be “comparable” to Dejesus and cheap. With Eck’s injury I could now see Tejeda, especially now since they “had interest before Eckstein’s injury”.

        I wish they would play Cunningham more. Stairs needs to go-

        • Tim Valencia 5 years ago

          I agree on both accounts. I do like Stairs for leadership and as a Gonzalez reliever not in the outfield. I dont understand how Cunningham can go 2-3 last night and not start tonight. It looks like Denorfia has taken Hairstons spot and Scott has taken Cunningham’s spot which isn’t right.

          • mrmack85 5 years ago

            I believe in todays case it was to get another lefty….but…its not really that effective when he cant hit a freeken ball. Tejeda would be a great pick up, and Podsednick would be good too. Hope to see both of these trades happen.

          • Marginal at best.

        • I agree that Stairs needs to go. He is taking a roster spot for guys like Cunningham and Denorfia. Why not bring up zawadzki instead of paying for Tejada. At this point Tejada is not going to give you more production than Wads

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

      That would be perfect actually… I was saying we should have got Scotty Pods from the beginning of the season but better late then never. Tejeda would be a good move too but then Jerry Jr’s playing time might be cut back or they could use him to spell all sorts of players for a day off, he has been doing so well lately I think we need him in there. As for Stairs ya we could use his roster spot for almost anything productive, but it is nice to have that possible power threat off the bench for close games.

    • I dont understand why the Padres would want another outfielder. I like cunningham and denorfia. Unless they get a real difference maker, i.e. a career .900 OBPS hitter, then why bother. This team needs a front of the rotation starter. Leblanc and Richards are sliding fast.

  7. I would love the pick up of pods. he’s not what he was but if you put him in left and at the top of the order with eck (when he’s back) in front of adrian one of those two would scrap his way on base pretty muc every time and give adrian more rbi opportunites

  8. I haven’t seen anything close for someone to land Fielder. You don’t pick up a premier run producer for a projected #3 starter and some iffy prospects. The best fit would be SF or TB. I’m not sure if either of those teams are interested in winning.

  9. I like guillen and Tejada for my pads what do you think?

  10. NorCalTribeFan 5 years ago

    Some Padres fans who want Westbrook need to learn how the waiver system works. You won’t get him for free, even if you get him on waivers.

    Starting in August, the only way to make a trade is to place a player on revocable waivers. If the player is picked, the home team may revoke the waiver claim, keeping the player. On the other hand, if the picking team can offer a trade the home team likes, or if the home team just doesn’t want the player, then they will leave the player of waivers and the deal will go through.

    About August 1, the Indians will place Westbrook (and Wood, Kearns, and Peralta) on waivers. If you guys pick Jake, you’ll only get him if you offer us something we like. If true, the Cumberland and Castro rumor sounds good to me. I’m betting the Indians would pay Jake’s entire salary for the rest of the year. You won’t get him for free.

    This happens every year all around baseball in August, people.

    • You can keep westbrook if the Indians truly want Castro and Cumberland. The Padres can get a better pitcher with those prospects. I am not sure how motivated the Indians are to move Westbrook. I could see more realistically the Padres trading a ML ready Relief Pitcher and a mid level prospect. ANything more than you can go ahead and keep your high priced marginal pitcher and continue to be terrible.

  11. aap212 5 years ago

    Flores for a rental of Lilly? Bumgarner for Hart? You value veterans more than Sabean and Dusty combined.

    …Except you let the Yankees get Haren for crumbs.

    …And while you have the Sox giving up too much for Ross, Anderson doesn’t fit the Marlins’ needs at all. Morrison is their 1B of the future.

  12. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    We don’t want Ross! Prince to rays, don’t think so. Maybe to the giants.

  13. HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

    I doubt Bumgarner is going anywhere.

  14. Brewcrew00 5 years ago

    Would love to see 9 &10 happen being a big Brewer fan.

  15. Aaron DeVandry 5 years ago

    You gotta believe the Dodgers would claim Westbrook off waivers before the Padres had a chance.

  16. jlbroxfan3 5 years ago

    major league ready prospect.
    werth would need to be traded to get space to acquire Oswalt, not only would vasquez for Werth be not quite fair the phils gain an 11.5 salary for a 7.5. What
    rosenthal meant was someone cheap but who could help down the stretch.

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