Willingham Wants To Stay, But No Talks Yet

Nationals outfielder Josh Willingham wants to stay with the club, writes Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post.  Willingham, who could make his first All-Star squad tomorrow, says that he would like to stay with the Nats for this season and beyond:

"I like it here a lot," the 31-year-old said. "I don't have control of where I go until I'm free agent, so I don't worry about it. But I'm really comfortable with the organization. I like everybody involved, teammates, everything."

Despite Willingham's fondness for playing in the nation's capital, the two parties have yet to even begin discussions on a contract extension.  The left fielder will earn $4.6MM this season and is under team control for the 2011 season.

While the Nats don't seem eager to move Willingham, he continues to garner interest from around the majors.  Earlier this week, it was reported that the Braves have interest in the outfielder as they seek a right-handed bat.

Back in April, Willingham's agent told Kilgore that his client would like to sign a multiyear deal with the Nationals.

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  1. windycitywarrior 5 years ago

    I think the Nationals should lock up Willingham for a three year deal for like 14 million. Then I think they should trade Adam Dunn to the White Sox for Brent Morel+Carlos Torres+John Shelby+C.J. Retherford. They can move Willingham to first where they can open up the outfield to the platoon of Harris, Morse, Bernhadina and Morgan for the rest of the year. So you can possibly have a future INF of Willingham 1B, Retherford or convert Morel to 2B, Desmond SS, Zimmerman 3B with at least Bryce Harper in RF and whoever else.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      Good post. I agree with pretty much everything you said. They really should lock him up.

  2. gwells 5 years ago

    it’s a good sign for the nats that both dunn and willingham want to stay. the nats are slowly becoming a destination worth considering.

    • I would say Washington quickly became a destination worth considering – the day Strasburg signed with the Nats.

    • Guest 5 years ago

      I think it’s obvious why, like Roberty said. Add that if they sign Harper (or have they already?), and figure to get some early picks in the future, it’s an easy decision.

      • gwells 5 years ago

        “getting early picks in the future” is *NOT* what makes a team a viable destination for free agents.

        strasburg was an exception to that, potentially. but even harper is a couple of years away from playing for the nats and any future pick, even if it was the #1 pick, is no guarantee to ever play for any team.

  3. marlinsdoit 5 years ago

    He was awesome as a Marlin and wish him all the best. He deserves some kind of a contract. Nats shouldn’t let him go…Go Fish!!

  4. Trious 5 years ago

    If the Nats ever got some SP, they would be a decent team with playoff chances

    Until then, they are an average offensive team and a joke of a pitching team except Strausberg

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