Arbitration Eligibles: Detroit Tigers

A look at the Tigers players who will be eligible for arbitration after the season…

The Tigers have a low-key arbitration class this winter, with no monster raises expected.  Miner and Zumaya could be non-tendered, as both are recovering from elbow surgery.  The Tigers still may prefer to keep them off the free agent market though.  Tendering contracts is not terribly risky, as both pitchers earned less than $1MM in 2010.

It appears that Galarraga will get in as a Super Two player, and it'll be Raburn's first time as well.

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5 Comments on "Arbitration Eligibles: Detroit Tigers"

5 years 7 hours ago

They’ll ride Zumaya out until his arm completely falls off.

5 years 7 hours ago

I agree with Casey; I don’t think there’s any way the Tigers non-tender Zumaya.

5 years 5 hours ago

I could see Gallaraga being given a million dollar raise or so. They will probably go with him as the #5 starter next year, (Bonderman is gone, and they will probably add a FA starter). After 2011, Jacob Turner could be ready and then if Galarraga has a solid year in 2011 he might be flipped for a hitter or more farm talent. Of course if the FA starter signed for 2011 is just a 1 year contract that just fills a gap for the year, Galarraga comes back.

The Tigers have the makings of a meanacing rotation shaping up if Turner becomes the ace he is projected to be.

Gallaraga or FA

Only downside, its all RHP

5 years 3 hours ago

oliver will be a big part of their future. don’t discount casey crosby, but also, don’t count on him. their starting pitching is something to be excited about. hopefully scherzer and porcello’s 2010 will be verlander’s 2008, and they’ll learned to deal with adversity and come in next spring hungry. both looked GREAT against the blue jays.

zumaya won’t be non-tendered.

5 years 4 hours ago

Just don’t enter the season COUNTING on Zumaya to fill a late inning role, with all the nice warm n fuzzy stories coming from the adoring media about how he’s healthier than ever, only to be shocked when he spends another four months on the DL. When he’s healthy, he can be devastating. Too bad he’s never healthy for a full season. He and Miner have to be considered non tender candidates, and Bobby Seay may get a minor league contract, just for old times sake.
The rotation in 2011 should be Verlander, Free agent or Trade at No. 2, Scherzer, Porcello, and Galarraga, with Andy Oliver ready to EARN a spot if he can beat one of those guys out. I’d list Lee, Pavano, Arroyo, Kuroda, Webb, and Lilly as possible FA candidates and maybe a Garza or Nolasco as trade possibilities.
One outfield spot can be held for Raburn and/ or Boesch, but neither should be considered for the No. 2, 3, or 5 spots in the lineup. Maybe Magglio can come back healthy and take one spot, but upgrades are needed big time in the other spots.