Poll: The Blue Jays’ Bullpen

The Blue Jays made most of their relief pitchers available before the trade deadline, but no team stepped forward to meet their asking price for Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, Jason Frasor, and/or Shawn Camp. There was plenty of interest in each, but nothing came of it. 

Yesterday we learned that all four were claimed off trade waivers by unknown teams (or perhaps it was just one team), but we don't know how sincere GM Alex Anthopoulos is about moving his top late game relievers. With Frasor and Downs scheduled to become a free agents after the season, it's possible he'll look to move them for prospects now rather than gamble on compensation draft picks later (both project to be Type-A free agents).

Which relievers will the Blue Jays trade?

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3 Comments on "Poll: The Blue Jays’ Bullpen"

5 years 1 month ago

Why is the Blue Jays bullpen so coveted when noone is good enough to keep Gregg from closing games and to keep Tallet from being in the Gulf Coast League?

5 years 1 month ago

Gregg may be a rollercoaster, but he’s saved 30 games this season I think; that speaks for itself. Tallet is nothing but a mop-up guy.

5 years 1 month ago

Maybe because Downs is the best lefty setup man in the game? Frasor has an ERA of like 2 since the break? Camp has been amazingly consistent all year? Gregg is a reliable closer having a good season?