Arbitration Eligibles: Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are next in our arbitration eligibles series

Fielder will clearly be tendered a contract, though he's a strong trade candidate.  With so many star first basemen locked up in multiyear deals, there are few clear comparables for Fielder in his last arbitration year.  Mark Teixeira, another Scott Boras client, received a $3.5MM raise in January of '08.  That'd put Fielder at $14MM, though the Brewers' first baseman has significantly fewer runs and RBIs than Tex did and lacks Gold Glove hardware as well.  Boras isn't obligated to talk about Fielder's raise, though.  He can just focus on what he feels Fielder is worth now, even comparing him to free agents. 

Weeks is also a lock to be tendered, given his breakout healthy season in 2010.  It's difficult to find a comparable for Weeks, as most top offensive second basemen are locked up.  His credentials will net a raise of at least a few million bucks, and the Brewers will probably open extension talks.

Loe is another player who will be unquestionably tendered a contract.  He had success out of the Brewers' bullpen this year, but doesn't have the career numbers to merit a big first-time payday. 

Pitchers Parra, Villanueva, and Coffey all posted disappointing ERAs but strong strikeout rates in 2010.  I think Parra and Villanueva will be tendered contracts, though they could be trade bait.  Brewers GM Doug Melvin, speaking to's Adam McCalvy, commented recently that "you don't want to give away a guy like Parra," as opposed to the team's "short leashes" on Jorge de la Rosa and Grant Balfour.  Coffey earned $2.025MM this year, so there is a greater chance the Brewers non-tender him.

Gomez continued to struggle offensively, but his career numbers will limit his raise.  He's likely to be part of the team's center field mix next year.  Inglett, a 32-year-old journeyman, did solid work this year but could be cut in December for flexibility.

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  1. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    my guess is Rickie Weeks ends up leaving after 2011 and the Brewers call up Brett Lawrie.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Keep an eye out though because if the Brewers find the right offer in terms of pitching, they might trade him this off-season or next July because Brett Lawrie is pretty much Major League Ready. I could see tons of teams making offers for Weeks.

      Also, Tim didn’t mention it, but Aaron Hill is a potential free agent after next season and a possible trade candidate this off-season but that is more unlikely. Back to Weeks though, he is one of those players who potentially fits on just about every team with the exception of some.

      • angryredmenace 5 years ago

        After the season Weeks had, they should find the right offer and they better take it.The Brew Crew needs pitching like Paris Hilton needs a cure for The Herps.

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          Yeah you’re right. If they can get someone like Kevin Slowey for example.

    • Brewers2 5 years ago

      My guess is he go to KC in the Zake Genke deal then Lawrie became our 2nd basemen

  2. Flharfh 5 years ago

    Villaneuva, Loe and Parra should be retained for the Bullpen. Coffey I could take or leave. Inglett should be kept to replace Counsell as a utility player, he is a better hitter and would likely be cheaper. Gomez is far inferior to Lorenzo Cain at this moment. He should be tendered but should probably start next season in AAA.

  3. The_Porcupine 5 years ago

    Tender Fielder, Weeks, and Loe, ditch the rest. Villanueva and Parra have been given plenty of opportunities and they have lived up to their hype. I’d trade them if they had value, but ultimately I’d drop them.

    The Brewers should consider sending Weeks to the outfield. He’s finally lived up to potential, but I think has had only 1 healthy season. With Fielder’s pending departure, they need to keep Weeks in the lineup. Outfield is less demanding.

    And realistically, I think Hart played way over his head this past year. Trade him while his value is high. He might even bring in a good starting pitcher. See what pitching a team like the Giants, Padres, or Braves would give up.

    • brewersfan729 5 years ago

      “The Brewers should consider sending Weeks to the outfield.”

      And where exactly would he play? Plus, he’s not a bad defender at 2B anymore and hasn’t been for a few years.

      • The_Porcupine 5 years ago

        My comment wasn’t meant as a mark agains Weeks. On the contrary, I see him as being an integral part of the Brewers’s future. My point was the need to keep him healthy and the outfield is less demanding than second base. I think he’d be a pretty solid center fielder.

        Who would he nudge out of the outfield picture? Well, I’m not as impressed with Cain yet and feel he could use more time in triple A. Also, I think Hart played well over his head and that it might be a good time to sell high on him (try to pick up an impact pitcher). Or…. once Fielder is traded, move Braun to first.

        Granted, I have no idea how good any of the current outfielders are on defense, so I haven’t factored that into my thinking. But to reiterate, I’m only stating a move to the outfield may keep him healthier.

  4. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I say that Coffey has a strong ’11 regardless if he gets non-tendered or not.

  5. daveineg 5 years ago

    I agree Coffey should not be retained. Villanueva’s K rate, WHIP, BAA, etc. were all better than you’d expect of a guy with a 4.61 ERA. 15 of the 27 ER allowed were in 4 of his 50 appearances. He also didn’t allow an unearned run all season. Sometimes allowing extra runs even that are unearned are on the pitcher. A new manager might get more out of him too.Parra was okay out of the pen, so I imagine they’ll keep him around too.

  6. prince goes for pitching hopefully to the braves for a teheran or one of there studs or to the rangers and some of there young guns… and is it just me or do the A’s hold alot of offseason trade chips… i could see them renting prince till the trade deadline and pulling a holliday deal again… they got the young arms the brew crew wants as well… then hart goes to 1rst… weeks or cain goes to right the other plays enter lowrie goes to 2nd… hit weeks 3rd and braun 4rth… boom….

  7. Derekdonovan 5 years ago

    Well I agree with putting Hart at 1st because he is not very good in right and that is the easiest position in baseball. Weeks should be signed for 100 years and 100 million, the guy is amazing. The only reason he gets as many errors as he does is because he has so much more range then everyone else. Plays other guys can’t get to Weeks can get a glove on and then he gets the error. Gomez should get center because he plays the best defense and Cain goes in right with Inglett as the back up. This giving the brewers the option to trade prince and gamel for some good pitching. I think they should tender Manny but also trade him if they can. Get rid of V and Coffey because the brewers have a good bullpen with loe stacheford zach latroy defelice JJ Meclendon kiNtzler. So we have solid guys. They need to make trades to bring in the big arms in which Milwaukee hasn’t seen in awhile. The line up may lose a big guy in prince but we still have a solid 2-5 with Hart Weeks Braun and McGehee.

    • Sam_Lee 5 years ago

      No, the old cliche that more range equals more errors doesn’t apply to Weeks. I don’t think a single one of his errors came on wide ranging plays. His problem has been routine plays and errant throws. He’s just doing those far less often.

      • Derekdonovan 5 years ago

        Rickie had 15 errors this year that is the second lowest of his career with more games played and I can remember a handful of plays that if it were someone else they wouldn’t have got a glove on the ball. I do agree there are some bad plays that he does do but for the most part he is a fantastic all around player. I can’t wait to see him next year in the three hole and jacking home runs like crazy.

  8. I really don’t see them moving Weeks off 2nd. I imagine Prince will be dealt for pitching. Weeks stays at 2nd. Gamel will take over either 1st or RF with Hart playing the other spot. Lawrie will slide over to 3rd base and start the year in Triple A. Prolly called up later in the year to split time with McGehee. Lawrie takes over 3rd full time the following season as McGehee is traded. Lots of money freeing up so maybe take a chance on a guy like Webb on a 1 year deal. Gallardo, Prince trade, Wolf, Webb, and 5th spot to be filled by one of the many internal options. An improved but still middle of the road rotation and with the loss of Prince’s offense will end up putting them around the .500 mark barring the FA pickup guy like Webb and/or the 5th starter busting out.

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