New York Notes: Wright, Ricciardi, Eiland

One New York team hired a new general manager this week, while the other locked up its on-field manager for three more years. Here are a few other Mets- and Yankees-related items of interest….

  • David Wright is enthusiastic about the Mets' new GM, as he tells Dan Martin of the New York Post. "I'm really looking forward to working with him," Wright said. "And I'm excited for what he brings to the table." One of the major decisions Sandy Alderson will face this winter will involve whether or not to shop Wright, who hopes to remain a Met.
  • Many people around baseball think J.P. Ricciardi would be a good fit as the Mets' scouting director, writes John Harper of the New York Daily News. A source tells Harper that Ricciardi expressed interest in such a position during talks with Alderson.
  • Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger discusses how the Yankees plan to balance their desire to get younger with their desire to retain their veteran stars.
  • After an story suggested a rift between Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland led to the pitching coach's dismissal, Eiland told Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News that the report was "ridiculous and simply not true."
  • Ken Davidoff of Newsday tweets that Carl Willis will return to the Mariners as Seattle's pitching coach, meaning he's not a candidate for the Yankees' vacancy.

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  1. touchmymonkey 5 years ago

    I would have to imagine that the redsox will make a push for Wright. Maybe even take a bad contract or two as well just to get him. What would sox have to give up for wright and beltran? Kelly, Ellsbury and who else?

    • adropofvenom 5 years ago

      You’re not getting Wright, so don’t bother.

      Nevermind, common sense says the Mets would be better off waiting for Beltran’s deal to expire then to use Wright as a method of unloading that deal. He’s in a contract year, and most people don’t have them contending next year anyways (And it would be full-blown rebuild if Wright wasn’t on the team).

  2. qudjy1 5 years ago

    How much does Wright really work with the GM? Maybe Minaya wasnt the problem! 😉

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Wright should have been the Mets GM/3B.

    • TapDancingTeddy 5 years ago

      Yeah, I read that quote and was thinking the same thing. It sounds like he expects to walk in Sandy’s office and start consulting!

  3. Zack23 5 years ago

    Shocked it took ESPNNY this long come up with an “anonymous source,” surprised they didn’t turn it into that Eiland was anti-binder and Girardi was pro-binder and that caused the split.

  4. JD 5 years ago

    As a Mets fan I would be utterly disgusted and would welcome the days of Omar Minaya back if we traded David Wright for a deal with Ellsbury as a focal point and not a throw in.

    • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

      Dude that pretty harsh. I mean I think that with all the talk about ellsbury being traded people are starting to undervalue him. I mean he’s not worth Wright alone by any means. But he is pretty good. I mean last year he had his ribs broken. There are few injurys more painful, so i really think the questions of his toughness are just stupid. He got it in a freak mistake so i wouldn’t worry about him being injury proned. But for real guy just look at this line and tell me if it is bad. .301.355 .415 with 70 steals. thats pretty damn good.

      • licky_boomboom_down 5 years ago

        darkside31337 is right. Ellsbury as the centerpiece of a Wright deal would be a huge underpay. Even after ’09 it still would’ve been a rip-off. If the Sox want to make a deal it would have to include Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Jose Iglesias/Jed Lowrie in addition to Ellsbury.

        The Mets need pitching though, maybe the teams could consider a Buchholz-Wright swap. Seems pretty unrealistic, though.

        • This….Wright would destroy in Fenway….Sox are about the only team that match up for a trade…although I doubt Theo would be excited to pay a $20 Million dollar 3b who will likely have a -20 UZR in a few years….

        • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

          I know he would need kelly, Rizzo and such as well. It’s just a feeling I get about how somtimes people undervalue ells alot. Not that i think the redsox should trade for wright nor the mets trade him. It dosn’t make sense for either team.

        • I would be very very shocked if Kelly and Iglesias are traded anytime soon. They’re projects that the Red Sox have invested a lot of money and resources in developing. Casey Kelly in particular took a lot of convincing not only to turn down a football scholarship to play QB at U of Tennessee and play for the Red Sox, but to convert from a shortstop to a pitcher. As for Iglesias, the Red Sox wouldn’t give a teenager with no bat the highest signing bonus given to a Cuban player if they weren’t serious about developing him. I just don’t see either of these guys going within the next couple years. Having said that, their system is still loaded and they have pieces to make a Wright trade even without those two guys. With the Mets need for pitching, an Ellsbury/Bowden/Doubront swap would probably make a good starting point for discussion.I also think us fans need to start tempering our expectations when it comes to fantasizing about trades. Demanding the other team’s best prospect is probably always how these conversations start but in the end, star players rarely get traded for other star players. Cliff Lee has been traded for middling returns THREE times in the last couple years. Sure, Justin Smoak can still turn into a pretty good hitter but no one’s excited about the likes of Lou Marson and Phillippe Aumont these days. The most reasonable return a fan can hope for is something like the package Texas got for Teixera; guys like Elvis Andrus and Nefatli Feliz. Neither of these are superstars but rather very valuable pieces that supplement a championship team. Of course, Wright is more valuable than most tradeable guys since he has a couple years left but if the other team has to take one of the Mets bad contracts, that value diminishes considerably. It’s fun to talk about this sort of thing but if a trade actually happens, Mets fans will very likely be disappointed with what they’ll get, especially if you’re already none too jazzed about Ellsbury to begin with.

          • licky_boomboom_down 5 years ago

            Now we’re getting back to overvaluing Red Sox prospects. Felix Doubront does not have that much upside. Wright is a superstar under control for three more years, so it only makes sense to deal him for a couple potential superstars. Kelly and Iglesias are not sure things; Wright is.

            No matter what, Kelly would be included in a deal. He the best prospect in their farm, and he addresses the Mets needs. Iglesias, on the other hand, can be substituted.

            That’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is that it takes talent to get talent. If the Sox want Wright in Boston for 2011, they’d have to empty the farm. Same with Agon, but to a lesser extent.

  5. jse467 5 years ago

    Does Rasmus for Wright make sense? I dunno the details of Wright’s contract but I know STL needs a 3rd baseman and has some large contracts that might make this prohibitive.

  6. Alderson said no players are “untouchable”, but there are certain core players you like to keep and if they were shopped the asking price would be “very high”. He knows you don’t go into NY and lay out a 3-year “rebuilding plan” and trading Wright as one of your first moves would be a terrible way to start off. I would suspect that they’d have to be blown away, so centering a deal around Ellsbury is laughable.

  7. double post

  8. slider32 5 years ago

    Alderson needs to improve the starting pitching for the Mets to be competitive next year. It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of Castillo, and Perez. Move the fences in and lower the ticket prices or your attendece will continue to decline next year.

  9. nymets4581 5 years ago

    Please. Don’t. Trade. Wright. He’s the centerpiece of the team and trading a star player who is entering his prime while you’re trying to “rebuild” is just downright stupid.

  10. Quest2b1 5 years ago

    The Dodgers have zero prospects at 3B and they could come a calling. They also have the farm arms to strike a deal I would think. Withrow, Miller, E Martin, Ruby De La Rosa, Magill and Webster.

    Taking on Beltran’s salary RHP Withrow, LHP Miller, SS/2B Dejesus, CF T Robinson, RP Jensen would fill a lot of holes. Withrow has 1/2 starter stuff, Miller a lefty #2/3 starter, Jensen is already closer material at 23 (13.7 K/9 .069 ERA).

    Dodgers may not have the best farm, but few can match their arms.

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