Rangers Rumors: Daniels, Lee, Guerrero

The Rangers are the center of attention as they prepare to play in their first World Series. Here's the latest on the American League champions (click here for the latest on the NL pennant winners):

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  1. generalbocephus 5 years ago

    Los Braves would love to have him patrolling left next year. With a Latino manager and with at least 5 latin players playing roles on the 2010 team bring him down to the Atl Frank Wren.

    • Los Braves would like to have a player that’s healthy enough to play the outfield. Vlad isn’t that guy.

      • generalbocephus 5 years ago

        In reality I agree. Love his bat though. It would be a pitcher’s dream to have Vlad in left and Chipper at third. Resign Glaus at first and trade for career DH Luke Scott for right. A defensive dream team.

  2. Flat out racist. maybe cliff lee should look for a team thats white, on and off the field…

    • The_Athlete 5 years ago

      He was racist when he signed with the Angels as well, saying he chose to go there because there were more Latinos living there. Double Standard, Cliff Lee could never get a way with saying he wants to sign somewhere where there are more white people, and he wants a team with a white attitude.

      • What exactly is a “white attitude?”

        • The_Athlete 5 years ago

          What exactly is Latino attitude? That was the point, its nothing other than a racist statement that implies all the people of a particular group think and act the same

          • Tko11 5 years ago

            But its not racist because its about latinos. But as others pointed out if Lee said the same thing regarding whites it would be frowned upon and most likely all over the news. Talk about a double standard.

        • touchmymonkey 5 years ago

          Can you imagine if Lee picked a team because the “vibe” of the team was english speaking? Good old boy? Right wing? Where he wouldn’t need a translator to talk to some of his teammates? Would be bigger headlines than Vlad wanting to hang with his latino compadres.

      • TapDancingTeddy 5 years ago

        I don’t know enough about Vlad Guerrero to say what he is or what he is not. But there are two points I ‘d like to make:

        One, Latino is not a race. There are Whites, Blacks, South American natives and some Asians who are Latino.

        Two, because of the first point, the parallel between Guerrero saying he liked being around Latinos and a hypothetical statement from Cliff Lee should be different. I would say it was more like Cliff Lee saying he signed somewhere because it was in the South or the team had Southerners.

  3. Montero1220 5 years ago

    Don’t worry Dustin he isn’t going to the Yankees. The Rangers will give him an A-Rodesque contract that will weigh down the team and eventually make them uncompetitive when he succumbs to his back issues and loses effectiveness. The Yanks would be smart to stay away from grossly overpaying another player. Give our farm a fighting chance!

    • Wonder if Vitek will kick him out of the position when he’s ready. i hear he doesen’t have power for a power demanding position, 3B.

    • Tko11 5 years ago

      I think Cliff Lee will be effective throughout his entire contract, whether it be 5 or 6 years. He has amazing control and that is what leads to longevity for a pitcher.

  4. Vlad should’ve joined the Mets if he wanted to be on a Latino team.

  5. Sarcasm. Who could blame him anyway, nobody wants to face him, yet I bet every team except the Rangers rpob wants to see their team beat his a*s.

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