Trade Market For Right Fielders

The free agent market for right fielders offers a few solid options, such as Jayson Werth and Magglio Ordonez.  With the Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Nationals, Pirates, Cardinals, and Giants potentially looking for help at the position, let's survey the trade landscape.

Are They Available?

Jose Bautista, David DeJesus, and Carlos Quentin are three names to watch this winter.  Though there were a few rumors in the summer, it's difficult to picture the Blue Jays trading Bautista coming off a 54 home run campaign.  With DeJesus, we mentioned earlier that it may be wise to let him establish good health after his season ended in July with a torn thumb ligament.  Though it's pure speculation, Quentin seems the most likely of the three to be dealt this winter.  The Daily Herald's Scot Gregor examined his stock four days ago.  At one point, the Nationals showed interest.

Three Under Contract

Bobby Abreu, Kosuke Fukudome, and Milton Bradley are three well-paid right fielders who could be on the move if their teams assume salary.  Abreu is owed $9MM next year and another $9MM in 2012 if he reaches 433 plate appearances in '11.  Abreu or Juan Rivera could be dealt if the Angels add a free agent outfielder.  Fukudome was useful given his .263/.371/.439 line, but at $13.5MM next year the Cubs might prefer to trade their first-ever Japanese player and recoup some payroll space.  Bradley at $12MM is nearly immovable, but I like listing him anyway.

Deemed Expendable?

The Giants' Nate Schierholtz, 27 in February, could be sent packing after failing to produce in the bigs the last few years.  The non-tender candidates, discussed here, are so heavily favored to be cut loose that it doesn't make sense to trade for any of them.


There are several useful bats potentially joining the right field trade market.  Players like DeJesus and Quentin require injury risk tolerance, while most of the others require a willingness to assume part of an oversized contract.  Also consider that some clubs may be open to tolerating a left field type in right field for a year, adding names like Josh Willingham, Raul Ibanez, and Luke Scott to the mix.

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