A User’s Guide To MLBTR’s Transaction Tracker

MLBTR is introducing a database that sorts transactions by player, date, team, transaction type, GM, agency and more. Here are some guidelines to the transaction tracker:

Features & Tips

  • Hover over the leftmost column for more detailed info on a transaction, such as who a player was traded for and a link to the MLBTR post on the deal.
  • You can link to results or share them on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the “Link Results” button once you complete a search. 
  • You can search for transactions between teams or GMs with this database.
  • We highly recommend searching for different contracts. For example, if you want to know how many teams handed out two-year extensions worth at least $10MM and no more than $12MM between 2008 and 2010, this is the tool for you.
  • Some searches yield hundreds of transactions and they don’t all show up at once. Click “Load More Transactions” at the bottom of the page to ensure you’re seeing complete results.
  • Click on the columns to sort according to different categories.

What The Database Can And Cannot Do

  • We have made every effort to add as much data as possible, but the database does have limitations.
  • We have extensive trade, signing, release and waiver claim data that dates back to 1900 thanks to the help of Sean Forman and Baseball-Reference.com. We don't have complete data for that entire period, though.
  • We have GM data from 1980 on, thanks to Baseball America’s fantastic executive database.
  • Signings before 2006 do not all have dollar figures attached.
  • We have non-tender data from 2007 on.
  • Extension data for non-current players is incomplete.
  • International signing data is incomplete.
  • Agent data is incomplete.


  • Send questions or corrections to mlbtrdatabase@gmail.com.


  • Many thanks to Mike Melusky, Cale Cox, Daniel Lowenstein and Tony Bennett. Without their considerable skill and hard work, Tim Dierkes and I would not have come close to completing this database.

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