Colletti On Martin, Bullpen, Payroll, Crawford

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti discussed some of his team's offseason plans with Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio's "Inside Pitch" this afternoon.  Bowden passed along some of Colletti's more pertinent comments via Twitter…

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  1. thegrayrace 5 years ago

    Paul, Gibbons or Hoffmann for LF? Does not sound promising.

    And I guess that would make upgrading 1B, 2B and 3B… 5th, 6th and 7th in the priority list (meaning it won’t happen)?

  2. Not sure why Colletti thinks the Dodgers need a bullpen arm so bad. That should be 5th or 6th priority.

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      Agreed. Getting a quality bat for LF should be a much higher priority. Or upgrading the corner infield. Loney/Blake platooning at 1B would be a decent option if they can acquire a solid 3B. Otherwise, you’ve got to abandon Loney and sign somebody like Konerko, Berkman, Pena, Lee, LaRoche…

      • dodgers1111 5 years ago

        Why would you want Berkman? He is not the player he once was.

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          Because he’s still better than James Loney and his perennial league-worst OPS (at 1B).Wouldn’t be my first choice, though.

      • dusto 5 years ago

        I hate Ned Colletti. I’m curious how foggy his brain has to be that he still doesn’t see Andre Ethier as a left fielder?

        • ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

          Will you stop it with that stuff about Ethier moving to LF! I am baffled by how much you care about that. There are bigger things Ned should worry about than moving Ethier to LF. Although i hate Ned as much as you but its because he isn’t going to get us any guys to help this team out, not because he won’t get Ethier out of RF. Get over it, i’m tired of you and your hatred for Ethier.

          • markjsunz 5 years ago

            What is the big deal about Eithier, this guy only put up numbers because of manny. Who will bat behind him “jay Gibbons” now that is a guy I would be scared of pitching to. Eithier will be moved when he asks for bigger money. Then it will be an outfield of Gibbons and Paul, and of course Kemp.

          • dusto 5 years ago

            You know, I’m just here to get the word out that Ethier was THE WORST DEFENSIVE RIGHT FIELDER IN BASEBALL LAST YEAR. That does not entitle “hatred”.

            But it is irrational to seek out the needs of the Dodgers by considering the “head in sand” ostritch mentaility of McCourt; and monkey humping a goat “triumphs” of Colletti. We need to FIGHT AGAINST THE MENTALLY IMPOTENT EXECUTIVES THAT CONTINUE TO DRIVE UP THE PRICES TO ENJOY THE DODGERS, WHILE GUTTING THE QUALITY OF ACTUAL TEAM!

            Now is not a time to give in to Colletti, our efforts need to be pushed full head against him!

          • Calm down.

          • dusto 5 years ago

            NO WAY! I’m just getting started!

    • Mike C. 5 years ago

      Excellent point! Bullpen arms can emerge from anywhere. Never pay retail for bullpen arms…

  3. coachofall 5 years ago

    Looks like anohter year finishing 3rd place AT BEST. They will be relying on a resugance of Matt Kemp, Ethier learning how to hit wtihout lineup protection (he never has), and Loney not regressing. They are essentially going into next year with the same team as last year. Not a good day if you are a Dodger fan

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      Really not understanding Colletti’s obsession with the bullpen. Has he signed any reliever that’s worked out? Most of the Dodgers quality relievers during his tenure (Broxton, Kuo, Jansen, Troncoso, Wade, etc.) have come from the farm system…

      Between trades for and signings of guys like Dotel, Sherrill, Ohman, Proctor, Seanez, Hamulack, Baez, Carter… I’d rather Ned NOT focus on the bullpen.

      • Gibbys_Limp 5 years ago

        Quite true.

      • Pavilionbum 5 years ago

        Ronald Belsario. And Proctor and Sherrill were great for a time.

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          Belisario was a minor league free agent who had never pitched in the majors… I’m going to give the Dodgers scouting department more credit for that than Ned…

  4. Alex Gomez 5 years ago

    As much as I want to see Xavier Paul finally get his chance. The Dodgers need someone who can go deep all the time and the only spot open is LF!!!

    • dusto 5 years ago

      I hate that “the only open spot is left field”. No one should even be talking about having Ethier in right. The guy was the WORST DEFENSIVE RIGHT FIELDER IN BASEBALL LAST YEAR!

      • Then he’ll be horrible in LF too.

        • dusto 5 years ago

          Yeah, but at least we can make upgrades where its necessary. With the rest of the league basically punting left field defense Ethiers numbers wont seem as bad. Having a defensive upgrade in Right or center would help this team out the most, compared to the rest of the league. I wouldn’t mind trading Ethier if it brought back two MLB ready players and at least 1 elite prospect.

      • thegrayrace 5 years ago

        Agree. If Xavier Paul (or Jamie Hoffmann) wins the open OF spot, he should play in RF with Andre in LF.

        If Gibbons wins the open OF spot… perhaps the worst defensive OF in MLB?

        • $1529282 5 years ago

          When Loney is non-tendered they should just move Ethier to first base and try to hide his awful defense there as best as possible. Kemp should rebound defensively.

          Non-tendering Loney gives them another $5M or so to spend. Ethier’s outfield defense is just too hideous to let it continue.

          • thegrayrace 5 years ago

            I think you might be exaggerating Ethier’s defensive weaknesses a little bit. Bad? Absolutely. Awful and hideous? Might be a bit too harsh. I was often frustrated he didn’t get to a lot of balls I felt he should, but it’s not like he’s a disaster with the glove. He just has really poor range.Nonetheless, I’d be more than happy if he could make the transition to 1B. And I’m all for trading or non-tendering Loney.

          • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

            Non-tender Loney? Honestly, you have to be out of your freaking mind. This is one of the Dodgers players other teams ask for in trades — and you’d have him tossed in the dustbin for zero return. Just so we know, some of these fan ideas are far worse than anything that comes from Ned Colletti!

          • thegrayrace 5 years ago

            Yes, non-tender Loney. I’m hardly the only one suggesting it. His production simply does not justify the $5m+ he’s likely to earn through arbitration when guys like Adam LaRoche are available and likely to sign for roughly the same price.

            Who is asking for him in trade anymore? Other teams were asking for him in trade 1-3 years ago, but his OPS has dropped for 4 consecutive seasons. If he has any trade value anymore, it is minimal. Now he is the player the Dodgers are trying to trade (because they don’t want to offer arbitration), not a player other teams are asking for.

          • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

            I don’t get this logic. Loney is worthless, which is why he’ll get a raise in arbitration. A player like LaRoche is hardly an upgrade. If you think Loney’s OBP was so terrible last year, take a look at LaRoche in that department. You’re trading 10-15 added HRs for about 50 more SOs. If LaRoche can’t command a higher salary as a free agent than Loney can while still under contract, then I suggest that the player market is telling you that he’s no better overall.

          • coachofall 5 years ago

            People also fail to realize that without Manny protecting him in the lineup he (ethier) was awful the last two years. They don’t have anyone on this team to anchor the lineup. Kemp and Ethier NEED someone to protect them and it looks like that person will be Jay Gibbons…good luck.

          • dusto 5 years ago

            I really have my fingers crossed for a Ethier, Kemp, Dunn 3, 4, 5 in the lineup… But it just doesn’t seem possible.

          • dusto 5 years ago

            I’m curious if Loney would be traded for Kawakami or Fukudome. Fukudome would be a good right fielder that could split time with Hoffman. Or Kawakami would be a nice option as the 5th starter. Otherwise, I’d be more than willing to just dump Loney. How dissappointing!

        • dusto 5 years ago

          easily. no range + poor routes = Ned Colletti + Dodgers fail!

  5. dodgers1111 5 years ago

    Here comes a horrible year. Colletti is a bad gm, the fact is the pitching is okay (not better than the giants) and they dont have one hitter they can count on. They need guys like Crawford and Vmart or Dunn and a #1 starter like Lee.

  6. Dodgers need a 5th starter. tired of seeing reclamation projects that don’t work and ely or monastarios wont make it either (there ok) but image one of our pitchers goes down. Then we need to add a veteran reliever and all the other bullpen spots go to Elbert and Link.

    • grabarkewitz 5 years ago

      Be careful what you wish for. Knowing Ned and his love of all things veteran, he will likely drop a three year deal on Brandon Webb or Ben Sheets, watch as his shoulder implodes on the first day of spring training and we are looking at nine different stiffs trying to win the job during the season and failing mightily. I would hope that Ned knows we need some offense as pitching was the least of our worries. A left fielder who can has some power would be a start, followed by a second baseman who’s middle name is not Gritty.

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      I agree. Many people overlook that Ely, Haeger, Ortiz and Monasterios had a combined 20 losses. Our offense my have been terrible the 2nd half… but those 20 losses (mostly in the 1st half) didn’t help either. The rotation was only stabilized when Lilly came over.

      We need a Garland, Millwood, Harang type for the 5th starter spot. Or Padilla (slightly more upside, but more injury risk).

      • dusto 5 years ago

        Monasterios wasn’t that bad of a reliever last year. Just not much of a starter. That Octavio Dotel deal is looking worse and worse everyday. I can really see a Padilla deal getting done really late in the off season. Maybe 2.5 million with 2.5 in incentives based on IP.

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          yeah, I liked Monasterios as a reliever… he’s just major league starter material yet.

      • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

        Counting pitcher’s decisions is a total waste of time. Pitchers can’t win games when their team doesn’t score runs.

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          The team was scoring plenty of runs in the 1st half, when most of those starts took place.

          But if you rather go by ERA, John Ely’s 5.49 ERA didn’t help, nor did Haeger’s 8.60 ERA, nor did Monasterios’ 5.91 ERA (as a starter), nor did Ramon Ortiz’s 9.82 ERA (as a starter).

          • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

            Ely jumped directly from double-A because they had nobody else, and he pitched very well for awhile — better than anyone had any reason to expect. He probably needs more time in the minors. Haeger was always a crapshoot number five in the rotation. Monasterios was claimed off of waivers and would have been let go had the need to plug someone into the rotation not been so desperate. But I’m sure you know all of that. But the point was, counting pitcher’s wins is meaningless. Even the best pitchers can’t play to a even record on a team that scores poorly. Just ask Roy Oswalt.

  7. dodgers1111 5 years ago

    Its sad being a fan of this team. They will do nothing this year. If they want to increase salary then go sign Crawford and Victor Martinez.

    • dusto 5 years ago

      We really dont need Crawford. We need Werth! Actually I’d much rather make a move for a reliable center fielder, move Kemp to right and move Ethier to left! But that is faaaar beyond Neds thinking.

      • grabarkewitz 5 years ago

        I couldn’t agree more. Too bad Robinson is still likely a year away, optimistically. Of course it would be nice to have options like Carlos Santana to the catching question.

      • dodgers1111 5 years ago

        Im not sold on Werth. I think he is a product of that Phillies lineup. The only true power guy out there is Dunn.

        • dusto 5 years ago

          I think I would only prefer werth to Dunn because of his +defense. At the plate Dunn obviously has more power, but Werth is no slouch.

      • jacktigers 5 years ago

        i have mixed feelings on werth going to the dodgers. on one hand, he could be great like he was in phillie, but on the other, he could suck like he did in his first stint with the dodgers.

        • dusto 5 years ago

          He was about league average in LA, and the only real reason he was “that” bad was due to a 95 mph fastball from aj burnett off werths wrist. It was then misdiagnosed by LA doctors and Werth was released (even thought Jason Repko was held onto) and he then went to Philly.

          • jacktigers 5 years ago

            you sound like a stressed out dodger fan, but heres the good news. i highly doubt that whoever buys the team after the longest divorce of all time is complete, will keep colletti. always a silver lining

    • markjsunz 5 years ago

      Do you know what the canary said to frank McCourt? Cheap, cheap.

  8. grabarkewitz 5 years ago

    Ned Colletti doing his level best to make everyone wish for the halcyon days of Kevin Malone. Bullpen, first priority…..I feel like Major Clipton in the Bridge Over the River Kwai…”madness”!

  9. dusto 5 years ago

    Looks like the Dodgers have less than 10 more million to spend this offseason. They already have the back end of the bullpenn set. So spending more than 2 million on middle relief is ridiculous. Though, out of Colletti we’ve seen worse. A 5th starter shouldn’t cost more than 4 million and the fact that the priority of the catching situation is behind the pitching I don’t expect Colletti to spend more than 4 million there. Aside from minor league deals, I think the roster is set once we have our catchers in place. Look for Ned to go dumpster diving in SF.

    • grabarkewitz 5 years ago

      I hope Ned has sense enough to lose Theriot. Anything more than the league minimum for that guy is too much.

      • thegrayrace 5 years ago

        If Theriot is tendered a contract, we’ll know Ned has no clue. Heck, even Chin Lung Hu could put up better numbers than that guy.

        • grabarkewitz 5 years ago

          I hate to get excited about De Jesus, but I hope the kid tears it up in spring training just so Ned doesn’t give in to his baser urges and drag in a stiff like Renteria or Aaron Miles to play second. But, my inner voice is telling me Ned will offer Theriot a contract and we will stick with the stiff while he flirts with the Mendoza Line while De Jesus is tearing it up at Albuquerque.

          • dusto 5 years ago

            Its almost a certainty that someting like this will happen. There will be 4 or 5 of these middle infielders available, Ned will pick the highest priced, most overrated one (Renteria) and give him 4 or 5 million dollar contract, only to see him play 17 games and then retire on Dodger money.

          • markjsunz 5 years ago

            De Jesus most likely will go to another team in a mid season trade. One in which McCourt pockets money indirectly by having the contract of the player he receives paid from the trade deadline until the end of the season. That is what he has done with the best minor league prospects over the last few years. Most likely expect an over the hill middle infielder signed for the season for near league minimum.

      • dusto 5 years ago

        unfortuately, teams are willing to pay a little more for Theriot because he can play SS as well. He also has plus speed, though the brains of a bison on the paths. Someone will be willing to give Theriot 2-3 million. To which I say, “Adios!” We have internal options that are just as valuable. Hu, DeJesus, and Carroll will fill in adequately.

  10. I don’t get why he doesn’t see LF a priority over the bullpen either. The pen is fine, and they have plenty of good young arms on the farm that can further help. But of course Ned loves his veteran relievers (sigh). I also think it would be more than the team can afford to upgrade LF with a Werth or Crawford so he is sort of spinning it to make it sound like it’s not as important, imho. On the other hand, like seeing they will go against expectation and increase payroll – IF true – and already like seeing they signed Lilly and Kuroda. So who knows. Maybe Jerry Sands will come up halfway through next season and with Paul form a surprisingly decent LF. I can dream.

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      Agreed. Kuo, Jansen, Broxton and Belisario all have shown the capacity to be absolutely dominant. Beyond them, we have plenty of arms in the minor leagues that can fill the remaining 2-3 bullpen spots. Troncoso, Wade, Leach, Schlichting and Elbert, Monasterios, Link have all shown promise, and we have younger guys like Lindblom, De La Rosa, Miller, Guerra, etc.

      Bullpen shouldn’t be a major concern. Maybe sign a LOOGY and a long reliever.

      • dusto 5 years ago

        Wade is gone. Tampa signed him.

      • markjsunz 5 years ago

        All these names you mentioned are back in the minors because they are not good enough to stay in the majors.This years Dodgers look worse then last years version, or the same at best. It is not Coletti who is the problem it is the ownership. 20 Million for lawyers no problem. 20 Million for crawfoed, a qaulity middle infielder and a quality bullpen guy no way. Oh and by the way you can now get a grilled Dodger dog at all levels. Enjoy the McCourt Dodger expierence.

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          Just saying, we have 4 great relievers already, we should be able to manage another 1 or 2 bullpen arms from the collection we have in the minors. Elbert has great stuff, just injury problems. Schlichting hasn’t been given much of a chance, but always did well. Monasterios was solid in relief (sucked as a starter though). Troncoso seems like a 2 month wonder (solid 1st half in 2009, sucked since), but he could regain form… and we do have some impressive prospects that could fill bullpen roles, like De La Rosa.

          Bullpen just shouldn’t be a priority right now. Offense and the 5th starter should be the focus.

  11. Cory Wade does not play for us anymore.

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      Wow, that one totally slipped by me. How’d that happen? I thought he finished the season with the Isotopes?

      • Alex Gomez 5 years ago

        Free Agent. He did finish the season with Iso

        • thegrayrace 5 years ago

          Ah, thought we had him another year or two. Oh well…

        • Yup. And he had a great 2008 but alas was overused and that was about it for him. Wish him the best but they can do better. Elbert looks like he can now be a very good lefty reliever at least, if AFL is any indication.

          I wish NedCo would figure out a way to trade for Willingham, where there’s a will there’s a… willingham. But we’ll see.

  12. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    Yup, left field shouldn’t be a concern. We have Jay Gibbons to hold down the job. Might as well call up some of our younger guys to play for us since we aren’t playing to win.

  13. dusto 5 years ago

    While parousing the free agent list, I came across a thirdbaseman that I thought was out of the game… My heart sunk as I realized that Ned could still sign him… As long as its just a minor league deal, then I wouldn’t mind if the Dodgers signed Joe Crede. Simply for depth. But there is literally one other player in the minors that can even man third base (Mitchell) and even he isn’t that good. One good year in albuquerque a major leaguer it does not make you…

  14. jntwlsn 5 years ago

    Two things to note:

    I agree that everyone is exaggerating Ethier’s defensive weaknesses. Manny was the worst Left Fielder in baseball during that period but that dosen’t seem to bother anyone. This is not a priority.

    Even though the 5th starter had 20 losses, the Dodgers had the best record in baseball during that time frame. This is not a priority as well.

    What is a priority?

    1. The corners!!! 1st and 3rd. then……
    2. Catcher and Left field.
    3. 2nd and 5th
    4. Relief pitcher and bat boy.

    In that order!!!!!!

    • dusto 5 years ago

      Sure, why not? lets downplay the worst defensive outfield in all of baseball. Lets just accept the Dodgers for what they really are. In the end, unless Ned adds actual improvements to the team, we can’t expect anything better than 3rd in our own division. Lets not try to think about world series. HAH! This is not even a playoff team!

      • markjsunz 5 years ago

        Coletti is a public stooge for ownership. He is given way to much blame. He does what McCourt tells him to do. There will be no long term quality signings like a Carl Crawford in leftfield. Expect the Dodgers position needs to be filled by lower end journeyman, or minor league types. Signing Lilly and Kuroda are the bis splash for this year.

  15. Mr_Falcon 5 years ago

    Trade Loney + prospect for BJ Upton. Try to sell Tampa on Loney’s road OPS (.850). Let Upton play CF. Move Kemp to RF and Either to LF.

    Sign Adam Dunn to play 1B (3/$48MM)

    Sign Brandon WebB as the 5th starter (1/$5MM)

    Non-tender Theriot. Dispose of the body.

  16. $5474103 5 years ago

    Looks like it’s just gonna be another sub par year for the boys in blue. Thanks, Ned.

  17. dire straits 5 years ago

    This post was quite depressing. Ned blows!

  18. Ned And Frank are surely no good and hopefully will be gone after this year-But For Now Just sign Werth–Loney is fine–Sign Brandon Wood–4mill–Padilla—5 mill–And just start there–It would be nice to get Zack @ KC-Dont think it will happen–Also keep Martin and Barajas –Bring up Dee Gorden 3B–Blake as a utility player 1B-3B–Dont sign Theriot-we have many as good-Keep Carroll instead of Theriot- With all of the above that should be enough until the Dodgers get rid of Frank and Ned by next year!

  19. what we need its a mark reynolds type 3rd baseman..we need power in the line up

  20. what we need its a mark reynolds type 3rd baseman..we need power in the line up

  21. hart01 5 years ago

    Our pitching staff with a fifth starter could suprise if everyone stays healthy.I would like to see the dodgers pick up an Adrian Beltre.He is expensive but he plays everyday ,is an excellent fielder and provides us with the flexibility of moving Blake to 1st/LF platooning with Loney and whoever else in LF.A catcher would also be nice but an upgrade from Martin is probably not in the cards.Not worried about the bullpen,lots of choices there.

  22. Docnieto 5 years ago

    My take, Trade Loney for Willingham. Sign Adam Dunn put him @ 1B. Pick up Hill from St. Lois via Rule 5, platoon him with A.J. Ellis. Offer up Martin for a cheap inning eater, or bring in Webb with a Incentive laden 2 year deal. Sign Uribe to complete our Geriatric hot corner platooning. And bring up De Jesus or Gordon, to split time with Carrol at 2B and fill in when Furcal goes down.

  23. jacktigers 5 years ago

    hmm, i like the idea of dunn in LA (not as much as i like him in detroit though)

  24. BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

    I hope not. For everyone who criticizes Loney for his one flaw (lack of power) just wait until you have a first baseman who can’t make routine plays, let alone the tough plays as Loney does day after day. So go ahead and gripe about Ethier’s defensive skills, then beg for the Dodgers to sign one of the worst defensive players in the game today. That makes so much sense.

  25. jacktigers 5 years ago

    its not over till the fat lady sings

  26. zartan 5 years ago

    Loney is average defensively. I think he regressed with the glove last year too. Power isn’t his only weakness. He didn’t even crack .270 last year. Loney is horrible. He needs to go. I would rather have Dunn hitting 500 foot bombs and playing below average defense at first.

  27. thegrayrace 5 years ago

    Loney’s batting average has declined for 4 straight years. .331 to .289 to .281 to .267.

    Loney’s slugging percentage has declined for 4 straight years. .538 to .434 to .399 to .395.

    Loney’s OPS has declined for 4 straight years. .919 to .772 to .756 to .723. Anything under .800 is pretty mediocre for a 1B.

    His .329 OBP last season was downright terrible.

    If he could maintain an OBP of ~.400 or a batting average over .300, nobody would be complaining about his lack of power. Fact is, offensively he is terrible all around.

  28. BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

    Loney’s fielding percentage was third in the NL last year, so I don’t think that counts as “average” or represents a “regression.” If a lifetime .288 average is horrible then give me more horrible players so we can win the pennant. Yes, last season was his worst with the bat — but then it was also a bad season offensively for many of his teammates. Everybody stunk last year. Dunn is worse than below average defensively. He’s near the bottom on the heap.

  29. BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

    Everybody was terrible last year, so they all should go.

  30. BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

    And Dunn would be so much less of a defensive liability in left? How about even more. He’s only been moved to first because he’s so bad playing the outfield.

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